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Robert G. Lee
Donald Epstein
Odyssey: October 1, 1995 to 1998
Trinity Productions

Inspiration, Please! was the bible-themed game show where contestants compete to win a trip to the Holy Land.


Three contestants competed in a quiz game of religion and other things associated with religion.

The First Two Rounds[]

Host Robert announced a category, then asked a question under that category, and the first contestant to buzz-in had a chance to answer the question. A correct answer scored points and the right to answer a bonus question for more points; but if the first player to buzz-in answered wrong, it gave the opposing contestants a chance to answer the same question in an attempt to steal the points & bonus question.


Round 1 questions were worth 10 points, and Round 2 questions were worth 20 points.

Final Round: Inspiration Word[]

The round started with the introduction of a series of blank spaces of a mystery word called the "Inspiration Word".

Again, questions were asked and the first contestant to buzz-in with a correct answer scored 30 points; but an incorrect answer gave the other contestants a chance to answer. The first letter of each answer was also a letter in the word, and the contestant who answered a question correctly could choose to either guess the word or pass it up for the next question. The first player to guess the word scored 100 points. The player with the most points at the end of this round won prizes and advanced in the tournament for the trip to the Holy Land.


Trinity TV Studios, New York City, NY


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The show's theme song resembles a Network Music Ensemble production song called "The Boulevard".

YouTube Video[]

Inspiration, Please! closing
Network Music Ensemble - The Boulevard