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John Charles Daly (1951–1953)
Walter Cronkite (1954)
Art Hannes
Bill Hamilton
Bob Sherry
Bob Dixon
Broadcast (CBS Primetime)
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Special: 5/11/1951
Daly era: 7/2/1951 – 9/12/1953
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Cronkite era: 7/9/1954 – 8/27/1954
Mark Goodson/Bill Todman Productions
CBS Television Productions

It's News To Me was a precursor to Liar's Club and somewhat a derivative of What's My Line?


Each typical episode contained two contestant rounds, followed by a newsmaker round, and occasionally followed by an additional contestant round.

Contestant Round[]

Each round was a bluffing game where contestants attempted to determine if answers that was given by one of the panelists was true or false.

The contestant was given a starting amount at the beginning of the game. The contestant and panelists were then shown (an) item(s) including props, drawings, photographs, or motion picture/newsreel footage. Sometimes a dramatic performance (example: Goodson-Todman staffer Frank Wayne appeared giving part of a speech) was presented. A panelist chosen by the emcee would then supply a story that would tie the item to a news event, past or present. The contestant would then decide if the panelist's story was true or false. The contestant earned money for a correct decision and money was deducted for an incorrect decision. Play continued until all four panelists had played and the contestant kept whatever money they won at the end.


  • Daly Version – Contestants started with $20 and each decision was worth $5, for a maximum of $40.
  • Cronkite Version – Contestants started with $30 and each decision was worth $10, for a maximum of $70.

Eyewitness/Newsmaker Round[]

In this round, eyewitnesses or participants involved with news events in the past or present would play a game similar to I've Got a Secret. The panelists would question the guest to determine the identity of the news event, taking turns in 15-second intervals. If the panel failed to identify the event within three minutes (later reduced to two), the newsmaker would receive $100. If the panel identified the news event, the guest received $50. In the original special, the guest received $20 for each minute that passed, for a maximum of $60.


Anna Lee
Nina Foch
Quincy Howe
Robin Chandler
John Henry Faulk
Mel Allen
Quentin Reynolds


Alcoa Corporation (f/k/a Aluminum Company of America)
BP p.l.c. (f/k/a American Oil Company, later Amoco Corporation, then BP Amoco PLC)


Mansfield Theater, New York City, NY


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YouTube Videos[]

Daly Version[]

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Cronkite Version[]