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Unsold Pilot for NBC Daytime(?): 6/13/1970
Goodson-Todman Productions

"(insert video clips of four random people)

OLSON: If you can predict opinions like these, you can play IT'S PREDICTABLE! And now, meet the star of It's Predictable, Gene Rayburn!"

It’s Predictable was an unsold pilot where three contestants tried to predict how people responded to a question.


Main Game[]

The contestants were asked questions previously asked by groups of people on the street who were filmed in advance. Each contestant was asked to predict what any of the people did say. After each contestant gave his/her prediction, the film with the people was played and each time a street person said his/her answer, s/he scored 10 points. Then after the film was played and the points were awarded, a memory game was played. In the memory game, the contestants challenge was to guess & remember what the people said. This part was played one person at a time and on each person, as soon as somebody knew what the person said, s/he buzzed in. A correct answer earned 20 points, but an incorrect answer lost 20 points. Only one buzz-in per was allowed; so the first player to buzz-in would be the only to win or lose. This part of the round was played to time.

The player with the most points after three rounds of gameplay, wins $100 in cash and goes on to the Jury Game for more money.

Bonus Game: Jury Game[]

In the Jury Game, the winning contestants faced 13 people in the studio, in this case it was 13 single girls under the age of 25. They were asked three yes or no questions on a variety of subjects. The jury locked in their answers using their consoles in front of them. After each lock in, the contestant decided how the majority of the jury answered. Each correct decision won an additional $100 for a possible total of $300 and a possible overall total of $400.


The idea of having an in-studio jury was used twice in two G-T series. One was Mindreaders with Dick Martin in 1979 while the other was the 1986 revival of Card Sharks with Bob Eubanks.
This was the second G-T produced unsold game show pilot where the logo was still in tact but neither the name nor announcement were said by Olson. 16 years ago, the first to do that was Take Your Choice hosted by Fred Allen in 1954.


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