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Bill Leyden
Wendell Niles (11/1960)
Wendell Niles
Jay Stewart (11/1960)
Broadcast (NBC)
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Daytime: 6/4/1956 – 12/29/1961
Primetime: 7/2/1958 – 9/17/1958, 11/27/1958 – 3/12/1959, 9/5/1959 – 1/23/1960, 6/7/1961 – 9/27/1961
Ralph Edwards Productions (Capricorn Productions)

It Could Be You! was a game show that involved members of the studio audience participating in different stunts and surprises. Additionally, reunions were frequent events on the show as well.


Usually, three contestants were brought on stage and were given a series a clues to help them guess the identity of a famous person related to one of the contestants. The person was located behind a curtain.


Visits by celebrity guests were another feature on the show and comedian Bob Hope paid a visit on the first broadcast.


Studio 1, NBC Studios, Burbank, CA


The show was originally hosted by Bill Leyden who had emceed the Los Angeles segment of Today in the 1950s. In November 1960, Wendell Niles filled in as host and Jay Stewart as announcer.

The show returned to NBC's primetime schedule four times between 1958 and 1961 frequently as a summer replacement.

This show is sometimes considered a satire of Queen for a Day.


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