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Jason Zuffranieri
Jason Zuffranieri.jpg
Born: November 27, 1978
Birth Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Occupation: math teacher
Known for: His 19-game Jeopardy! winning streak

Jason Zuffanieri (November 27, 1978) is a math teacher at Albuquerque Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jeopardy! Run[]

He first appeared on Jeopardy! on July 19, 2019 and went on to win 19 consecutive games and accumulate $532,496. He is the fifth-highest money winner in regular competition behind only Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, Matt Amodio and Amy Schneider; and he is tied with David Madden in 7th place for highest number of consecutive games won, trailing Jennings, Schneider, Amodio, Holzhauer, Roach and Julia Collins. Similar to Holzhauer, he was affectionately referred to as “Jeopardy Jason” for the duration of his run.

Regular Games[]

Game No. Air Date Final score Cumulative Winnings Notes
1 July 19, 2019 $26,600 $26,600
2 July 22, 2019 $18,600 $45,200
3 July 23, 2019 $30,100 $75,300
4 July 24, 2019 $30,000 $105,300
5 July 25, 2019 $4,300 $109,700
6 July 26, 2019 $26,600 $137,300
7 September 9, 2019 $29,200 $166,500
8 September 10, 2019 $25,600 $192,100
9 September 11, 2019 $41,143 $233,243
10 September 12, 2019 $40,600 $273,843
11 September 13, 2019 $58,400 $332,243
12 September 16, 2019 $24,400 $356,643
13 September 17, 2019 $5,300 $361,943
14 September 18, 2019 $37,600 $399,543
15 September 19, 2019 $18,800 $418,343
16 September 20, 2019 $18,753 $437,096 He becomes 3rd highest-earning regular game winnings.
17 September 23, 2019 $35,000 $472,096
18 September 24, 2019 $30,000 $502,496
19 September 25, 2019 $30,400 $532,496
20 September 26, 2019 $19,500 $534,496 Gabe Brison-Trezise ends Zuffranieri’s streak. He was awarded the standard $2,000 prize for finishing second place.

Tournament of Champions[]

In 2021, Zuffranieri returned to the stage to compete in the Tournament of Champions hosted by Buzzy Cohen, where he advanced to the semifinals as a wild card. He lost the semifinal match to Jennifer Quail and took home $10,000.

After Jeopardy![]

Zuffranieri is originally from Depew, New York (where much of his family still lives), but he moved to Albuquerque during his childhood. He was a rocket scientist before becoming a schoolteacher.


  • In many ways, he has a lot in common with David Madden, who had a streak like that.
    • Both were champions from the beginning of July to the end of September, and when they left, both the new champions ended up with a single win. The difference is that David took 2nd place three times before the Final Jeopardy, while Jason held the 1st place before losing.
    • The tournament in which they both appeared was held in May, with both losing to four straight champions (David in the semifinals, Jason in the wild card after losing). Also, one thing in common is that an unexpected participant won this competition. Also, there was a person with the same name among the participants (S22: David Rozenson, S37: Ryan Bilger and Ryan Hemmel).
    • ToC winners Michael Falk and Sam Kavanaugh have in common that they lost their last regular game to the new champion in a Lock Game, and latter finished at $0.
  • It wasn't beyond his control, but after his departure, like Arthur Chu, no man had a four-game winning streak until Paul Trifiletti went on to win five in February 2020, while the women's eight-game winning streak was three (Jennifer Quail, Karen Farrell, MacKenzie Jones). The men came out, and the men's champion drought was so severe that the men's champion with six straight wins achieved in January 2021 by Brian Chang in one year and four months.
  • He is the last champion with more than 10 consecutive victories under Alex Trebek and the last champion with 10 or more wins before without audience system due to COVID-19.
  • Among the champions who reached the semifinals with WC, He was the only champions with 10 or more wins that did not advance to the finals[1].
  • Same birthdate as S34 12-win champion Austin Rogers.
  • He is the first champion in history to win 10 or more wins under $10,000, and the first champion with two or more wins under $10,000.


  1. Julia Collins and Austin Roger, two champions with 10+ wins, who advanced to the semi-finals with wc, both finished third.