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These are the many looks of Jeopardy's Daily Double cards or graphics we've seen over the years.

Art Fleming Era (Original: 1964-1975, “The All-New…”: 1978-1979)[]

1980s Pilots[]

First Two Seasons[]

When a Daily Double is found, the camera zooms in and the Daily Double logo flashes. It stops flashing when the clue is ready to appear. Originally, it was accompanied by a musical flourish when uncovered, but in the 1984 pilot and since October 8, 1984, it has been accompanied by a "laser" sound effect that has remained ever since. Since Season 2, when an Audio Daily Double is found, the camera faces to the player that selected it. Next, a little bit of music is played on some episodes and then the clue text appears below the player at the bottom of the screen. It’s unknown how the Video Daily Double clues were originally displayed despite debuting in the second season.

These are the actual screenshots of the images shown above.

Seasons 3-7[]

Starting with the third season, when a Daily Double is found, its Daily Double logo flip zooms in. Back then at first, the Daily Double logo flashes just like on the board in the studio and stops after the clue appears. Later, the logo doesn't flash, then after the player makes a wager, the clue text zooms in to replace the Daily Double Logo. But when an audio Daily Double is found, the clue is placed below the player that selected it at the bottom of the screen. Then the music plays for about 15 seconds. If a Video is found, the clue text zooms in as usual, but after that, an image or video clip zoom-in the same way, replacing the clue text.

Season 3 (1986-1987)[]

Season 4 (1987-1988)[]

Blue diagonal strip in red letters
Red diagonal strip in blue letters
Red diagonal strip in blue background in blue letters
Blue diagonal strip in Aqua blue background in red letters

Season 5 (1988-1989)[]

Season 6 (1989-1990)[]

Season 7 (1990-1991)[]

Super Jeopardy![]

Seasons 8-13/From the Grid Set (1991-1996)[]

Season 8 was the last season to have the clue text zoom in to cover the Daily Double Logo. It's also the last season for the clue text to appear below the player that selected Audio Daily Double clues at the bottom of the screen. In 1992, the Daily Double Logo is now seen next to the player that selected it on the left side of the screen. But, after the clue is read out it doesn't disappear. It would disappear when the camera would point either at Alex Trebek or to all 3 players. But since September 1992, the clue does disappear after the clue is read. If a Video is found, the ways is displayed may vary, usually, the logo appears on the opposite side of the player and the clue is revealed, after the clue is revealed, an image or video clip appears replacing the contestant shot, or simply goes straight to the visual after the logo appears to the contestant. From 1997 to now, the logo now appears on the usual side of the contestant and flips to full screen covering the contestant with the visual clue. With the visual finished it fades in like before, but since 1998, it transitions like a page. However, on a June 11, 2004 episode featuring Ken Jennings, the Video Daily Double logo animates next to Ken as normal but flips to the blue clue text like the regular and Audio Daily Double clues, then a visual cross fades from his view, and fades back to Ken, rather than flipping the visual like a page.

Seasons 13-19/From the Sushi Bar Set (1996-2002)[]

Season 13 (1996-1997)[]

Season 14 (1997-1998)[]

In this season from September 1, 1997 until September 18, 1998, the clue card backdrop is red instead of blue.

Season 15 (1998-1999)[]

The first Daily Double logo also had a red card backdrop instead of a blue one. The rest of the Season 15 Daily Double Logos reverted their clue card backdrops from red back to blue.

Season 16 (1999-2000)[]

Season 17 (2000-2001)[]

Season 18 (2001-2002)[]

Season 19 (2002-2003)[]

Seasons 19-25/From the Metallic Set (2002-2009)[]

Seasons 26-29/From the CES Set[]

Season 30-present/From the Aquatic Set[]

The Greatest of All Time[]

Jeopardy! National College Championship[]

Daily Doubles from other versions (1998-2016)[]

Rock & Roll Jeopardy![]

The background for the Daily Double is in purple with a CD behind "Daily Double".

Sports Jeopardy![]

International Daily Doubles Around the World[]

Make-up Daily Doubles[]