These are the many styles of the Jeopardy logos we've seen over the years.
There are two different logo styles, coming down to the font, for the Art Fleming and Alex Trebek versions.
Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

Standard Logo Styles

The show's logo in Different Colors

Color Letter Logos

Black Background Logos

White Background Logos

White Letter Logos

Black Letter Logos

Holiday Logos

Custom Designed Logos

Opening Logos

Fleming Era

Trebek Era

Tournament Logos

Seasons 2-7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Seasons 11-12

Season 13

Season 14

There wasn't an actual title card for the Teen Tournament in this season.

Season 15

Season 16

Season 17

Season 18

Season 19

Season 20

Season 21

Season 22

Season 23

Season 24

Season 25

Season 26

Season 27

Season 28

Season 29

Season 30

Season 31

Season 32

Season 33

Season 34

Season 35

Season 36

Some Tournament Logos are missing from previous seasons. If you have one, please add it to its corresponding season.

Promo Logo (1986)

Special Logos

Rare Logos

$100,000 Tournament of Champions promo (1986)

Promo Pics

Bumper Cards

The Jeopardy bumper card had many looks over the years, until the debut of the Sushi Bar set in November 1996.


This is what is usually seen on the game board until the third season.

These are the actual screenshots of the images shown above.

Blue on Blue

Blue with Silver Letters

Dark Blue with Silver Letters

Blue with Diamonds

Blue Diamond

Gray Grid

Green on Orange Diagonal

Pink with Orange Line

Burgundy with White Line

Red & Pink

Grey Checkers

More Cards

Shrunken Letters

Starting in 1986, the Jeopardy! letters were shrunken & altered; they have continued to appear as that to this day.


Little Grid Lines

Big Grid Lines

Blue Grid with Blue Diagonal Line

Purple Wall Background

Silver Vortex

Blue Bumps

Purple Bumps

Diagonal Lines

Blue Lines

Yellow Circle

The globe logo used 1994-1996 on a sky background.

Curved Letters

Used for a short period but continued to be used for tournaments until the end of season 8.