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ABC Primetime: 1/7-1/14/2020
Sony Pictures Television

Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time or Jeopardy GOAT is a special epic best of seven showdown tournament where Jeopardy!’s three biggest winners, Brad Rutter ($4,255,102), Ken Jennings ($3,422,700), and "Jeopardy" James Holzhauer ($2,714,216), competed for $1,000,000.


The basic gameplay remains intact, meaning that the games involved in this tournament will be played like any other game. Plus, unlike the regular tournaments, this a best of seven affair. Each match is a two game total-point affair; the man with the highest combined point total wins the match, and the first man to win three matches wins $1,000,000; The other two receive $250,000.

Ken Jennings won the tournament & the title "Greatest of All Time". This victory marks his first tournament win, and breaks a long losing streak he's faced against Brad Rutter, who didn't win any matches.


Game Air Date Name Score Name Score Name Score Detail
R1 January 7, 2020 James Holzhauer 33,200 Ken Jennings 45,000 Brad Rutter 10,400 #
30,000 18,400 0 #
Total 63,200 63,400 10,400
R2 January 8, 2020 James Holzhauer 44,314 Ken Jennings 44,000 Brad Rutter 14,400 #
38,100 17,400 -3,600 #
Total 82,414 57,400 14,400
R3 January 9, 2020 James Holzhauer 27,200 Ken Jennings 51,200 Brad Rutter 17,600 #
6,492 16,400 5,867 #
Total 33,692 67,600 (↑) 23,467
R4 January 14, 2020 James Holzhauer 34,186 Ken Jennings 65,600 Brad Rutter 0 #
0 23,000 1,400 #
Total 34,181 88,600 1,400


  • This is the first special feature to be held at prime time in 30 years since Super Jeopardy!, and it is the second time in history.
  • This was the second special to have the game board played for points instead of dollars, the first was Super Jeopardy! in 1990.
  • Before this, a special called What is Jeopardy!?: Alex Trebek and America's Most Popular Quiz Show aired on the same network on January 2, 2020.
  • This was Trebek's last prime time special before his death on November 8.
  • This had a four episode only run.
  • With this win, Ken Jennings reclaimed the top rank for American game show winnings records.
  • Those who competed in this competition were later reunited on a program called The Chase (ABC version with Sara Haines) where they appeared as chasers.
  • In this match, Brad suffered his first defeat in a human-to-human battle for the first time in 20 years.
  • Again, a Shakespeare-related problem determined the fate of James and Ken, who scored the most prize money at the time by correcting this problem in their 38th consecutive win, and winning by correcting the last one. On the other hand, this problem broke the record for the most prize money in regular games, and James lost the title as he could not answer the last question. Still, given that no one has ever won against Brad Rutter for James, it can be comforting to note that he has won once.
  • Less than a year later, Ken took on the consulting producer starting in Season 37 and special host after Alex Trebek's death. As a result, it was the last game that Ken played as an active player since, according to the rules, people who have worked for the company are prohibited from appearing as participants.

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