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Jim McKrell
Jim McKrell
Name: Jim McKrell
Born: October 12, 1937
Occupation: American television actor, game show host, author, voice-over artist
Years active: 1969-present
Known for: host of Celebrity Sweepstakes and The Game Game

Jim McKrell (born October 12, 1937), sometimes spelled as Jim MacKrell, is an American television actor, game show host, author and voice-over artist. Jim hosted and announced several game show series and pilots over the years with his most notable one being Celebrity Sweepstakes. Today he's retired from show business and is currently living in Conroe, Texas with his wife and is very active in tennis.

Shows Hosted[]

The Game Game (1969-1970)
The Honeymoon Game (1970 unsold pilot)
Play the Action (1973 unsold pilot)
Celebrity Sweepstakes (1974-1977)
The Confidence Game (1976 unsold pilot)
Quiz Kids (1978)
Second Honeymoon (1979 unsold pilot)
Comedy Club (1984 unsold pilot)
Split Decision (1985 unsold pilots)
Star Cluster (1986 unsold pilot)
Engaged to Be Married (1980s unsold pilot)
Genesis (2000 unsold pilot)

Shows Announced[]

College Bowl
Couch Potatoes (1989, later episodes)