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James Edward Peck (born June 5, 1943, in Milwaukee) is an American television host. He was a substitute host on The Joker's Wild and the full-time host on other game shows prior. In the mid-80s Peck hosted the venerable courtroom show Divorce Court, produced & distributed by Blair Entertainment & Storer Communications, the same ones that produced Break the Bank (3) and later Strike it Rich (2). These days he works in Public Relations for his alma mater, Marquette University, as a fund-raiser, and he hosted a local PBS TV show called I Remember (formerly I Remember Milwaukee).

Shows Hosted[]

Pilots Hosted[]

  • Smart Money (unsold 1975 pilot from Ron Greenberg for CBS)
  • Caught in the Act (1) (1975)
  • The Waiting Game (unsold 1970s pilot from Hatos-Hall for ABC)
  • Everything's Relative (1980)
  • TV's The Game (unsold 1982 pilot/pitchfilm from Intermedia; Tom Dressen hosted the first pilot)
  • Deception (unsold 1983-84 pilot from Golden West Television)
  • The Buck Stops Here (1985)
  • Chain Letters (unsold 1985 pilot from Barry & Enright; later developed into British game show)[1]
  • Hotline (unsold 1989 pilot from Fiedler/Berlin and MGM/UA, involving in-studio contestants trying to guess percentages of people who responded to surveys over the phone)
  • Suit Yourself (unsold 1990 pilots from Marty Pasetta for ABC, involving answering questions to acquire cards of the same suit)[2]