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Joe Millionaires
Evan Marriott (JM)
David Smith (TNJM)
Broadcast (FOX)
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JM: 1/6/2003 – 11/24/2003
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TNJM: 10/20/2003 – 11/24/2003
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Joe Millionaire (and later The Next Joe Millionaire) was a short-lived reality show where women meet a person who's supposed to be a millionaire who got rich through an inheritance, though he really isn't. This puts true love to the test to see if real love really doesn't require material wealth.


A group of single women competing for the affection of a bachelor being billed as a millionaire. However, unbeknowist to the single ladies, the bachelor in general was not actually a millionaire at all, a fact that was only revealed to the last remaining woman. Despite the ruse, if the bachelorette accepted the love of the bachelor then the couple would also win a high-valued prize.

In Popular Culture[]

A 2003 episode of the formerly popular sketch comedy series Mad TV has spoofed the show as special preview of Joe Millionaire's second season (a.k.a. Joe Millionaire II) featuring Anna Nicole Smith, Lorraine Swanson & Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifah Jackson (played by Stephanie Weir, Mo Collins & Debra Wilson respectively) as the three bachelorettes. Both Evan Marriott & Paul Hogan appearing in the episode respectively.

International Versions[]

Countries that previously had their versions of Joe Millionaire includes:

Norway (also Sweden & Denmark)
United Kingdom


"You must leave the chateau!"

See Also[]

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer - an updated version of this show where one of the two bachelors named Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee is a millionaire while the other is not that also airs on FOX in 2022.
I Wanna Marry "Harry" - a show similar to Joe Millionaire but the bachelor feeatues a Prince Harry look-a-like named Matthew Hicks that also aired on FOX in 2014.


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