Joe Millionaires
Kurt F. Sowers & Steven McBee
Martin Andrew
Joe Millionaire For Richer or Poorer.png
FOX: 1/6/2022-present
Fox Alternative Entertainment

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer is a twist on the original reality dating series that aired for only two seasons in 2003 where this time it features two single men (i.e. Sowers & McBee) where one is a millionaire while the other (a.k.a. the average joe) is not.


Twenty women date both Sowers & McBee, but they have no idea which Joe is rich. As love connections are made and each guy finds his perfect match, the women must ask themselves what is more important: love or money?

See Also

(The Next) Joe Millionaire - the original series that also aired on FOX in 2003.
I Wanna Marry "Harry" - a show similar to Joe Millionaire but featuring a Prince Harry look-a-like bachelor named Matthew Hicks which also aired on FOX in 2014.

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