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Wink Martindale
Randy West
The Family Channel (Daily): 6/13/1994 – 9/2/1994, 11/21/1994 – 12/30/1994
Martindale-Hillier Entertainment/
Fiedler-Berlin Productions/
The Family Channel

Jumble: The Interactive Game was one of three interactive game shows produced for The Family Channel after Trivial Pursuit.


Four contestants compete in an interactive game based on the newspaper word game.


The game was played in three rounds. In each round, the contestants were shown a series of scrambled-up or "jumbled" words, and their job was to unscramble them. Host Martindale read four clues to four words (one for each clue). Each word was three and four letters long. On each clue, the contestants typed in the correct word by pressing the buttons on their telephone keypads. They typed in according to the letters over the numbers; for example, if the correct word was rice, then they had to press "7, 4, 2, 3". The contestants had 10 seconds on each clue to type in the word and if any of them were correct, they scored points according to how fast they punched in, up to 1,000.

After playing the four clues, the players then tried to unscramble one more word. This last word used circled letters from the first four words and it was part of a caption punchline to a cartoon riddle. The contestants had the usual 10 seconds to solve the riddle; same rules applied. For example: (this was used on the show) "Why did Susie leave the classroom while carrying a chair?" The punchline would currently say "Teacher said to take her ____."; and the circled jumble would say "TEAS" The answer to that riddle would be: "Teacher said to take her SEAT (7, 3, 2, 8)".

After all four clues/words and the cartoon riddle were played, the players with the highest scores advanced to the next round, with the scores resetting to zero for each new round.

Round 1[]

Four players played Round 1 with the three highest scorers advancing to Round 2.

Round 2[]

Three players played Round 2 with the two highest scorers advancing to Round 3.

Round 3[]

Two players competed in the final round, and the player with the highest score won the game and also received a trip and one other prize. The runner-up received a prize of his/her own.

Interactive Component[]

When each round with the studio players was done, home viewers could call a special 1-900 number. For a cost of $4.98, they could play a game of "Interactive Jumble". This was played exactly like a round of the studio game, and home viewers answered with their touch-tone telephone. The home viewer with the highest score would win a small prize and the right to enter a weekly playoff, played the same as before. The winner of this playoff would receive a trip.

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