Mark Lowry
Unsold Presentation: 1994
Martindale-Hillier Entertainment/
Fiedler-Berlin Productions

This is about another unsold television game show pilot Jumble. Again it is based on the newspaper puzzle feature, it was produced before the Family Channel series with Wink Martindale.

In this version, two contestants compete to unscramble words and solve the riddle of the cartoon puzzle.


In each round, the goal was to buzz-in, answer a clue, unscramble a word and earn the right to solve the cartoon riddle puzzle.

To start each round, a cartoon riddle was revealed. To earn the right to solve the riddle, the players were presented a series of toss-up words. On each toss-up, a clue was given, then a jumbled word was revealed. Letter were then put into their proper positions one at a time from left to right. The first player to buzz-in gets first shot at answering. A right answer won the word, but a wrong answer gave the opponent a free shot with one free letter given. If the opponent could not solve the jumbled, play continued as normal. The first player to solve the jumble won $100 and a chance to solve the cartoon riddle. On each attempt at the cartoon, the circled letters were placed into the caption by virtue of a cartoon flying mailbox. A correct guess won the round, but not solving the riddle caused another toss-up to be played. The cycle continued until the riddle was solved. The first played to solve the riddle won an extra $500.

The player with the most money at the end of the game, won a chance to double his/her money by solving the Jumble Jackpot Puzzle.

Jumble JackpotEdit

One final cartoon puzzle was revealed with it's caption. The winning player chose four letters in the final jumble to place in their proper positions. Then s/he had 10 seconds to solve the riddle and double their money.


The program used graphics that would be later used for the interactive show and other interactive shows.

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The full presentation

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