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This is about still another unsold television game show pilot Jumble. Again it is based on the newspaper puzzle feature, but unrelated to the previous pilot and the Family Channel series with Wink Martindale.

In this version, four contestants compete to unscramble words and solving the riddle of the cartoon puzzle.


Stone-Stanley Productions


Mark DeCarlo


Four contestants competed in an elimination contest based on the world famous newspaper game.

The game was played in three rounds. In each round, the goal was to buzz in and unscramble a word. The faster they scramble a word, the more points they score. The first two rounds end with the traditional cartoon riddle. The lowest scoring player at the end of each round was eliminated from the game. In the third and final, the two remaining player compete against each other under the pressure of time. Whoever was ahead at the end of that round went on to play for $10,000.

In the bonus, the winning contestant tried to solve a series of puzzles within the time limit, in order to win the $10,000.



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