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BYU tv: 1/8/2018-4/17/2019
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Just Like Mom & Dad is an adaptation of the 1980s Canadian game show Just Like Mom where in each episode features three parent-child pairs competing in three rounds of interactive challenges all designed to determine how well both parents and kids really know each other.


Question Rounds[]

The parents were secluded offstage while the children answered several questions. Each host would alternate between asking each child, making two cycles of the three children. Afterwards, the parents would come back and they would be posed the same questions to see if they could match the answers their children gave, using a format similar to The Newlywed Game. A correct match on the first question earned 5 points, and the second was worth 10 points.

For the second question round, the process repeated with the parents answering first and the children trying to match. Correct matches in this round were worth 15 points for the first question, and 20 points for the second.

The Bake-off/Taste Test[]

Between the two question rounds, the children had a bake-off to complete a given recipe, which came from the Just Like Mom & Dad website, in 60 seconds. They were given all the basic ingredients (as well as some unorthodox ones) and were allowed to use whatever they wanted in their creations.

After the second question round, the parents tasted each of the three creations while the children were taken to another part of the stage. They had 30 seconds to taste each of the numbered dishes and then decide which one they thought their child made by holding up a numbered paddle at the same time as their child at the other part of the stage with the team with the lowest score going first. A correct match was worth 50 points.

The team with the highest score won the game.

Prior to the show, each of the teams predicted what their final total score would be. Whenever a tie occurred, the host would reveal each of their predictions and the team whose prediction was the closest won the game.

Prize Wheel[]

The winning team faced a 12-section wheel spun by the child, winning whatever prize it lands on. While there were a collection of prizes available on the prize wheel, including prizes from sponsors such as Dave & Buster's, Toys "R" Us, Spin Master and Great Wolf Lodge, the top prize is an all-inclusive family vacation to Mexico sponsored by Sunwing Airlines, much like the coveted trip to Disney World in the original Canadian version of Just Like Mom.

The show also airs on Yes TV in Canada.


Angelo Oddi, Sequence Music Inc.


Crossroads Broadcast Centre, Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Season 1)
CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Season 2)

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