Kelly Brannigan
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Name: Kelly Brannigan
Born: September 18, 1982
Occupation: Model
Known for: being a model on Deal or no Deal
Kelly Brannigan (born September 18, 1982) in Torrance, California, where she lived with her father, Mark Brannigan until she was 11 years old. Sadly, he passed away in 1993 and she and her sister Sarah Brannigan moved to a small town in Upstate, New York with her uncle Mike and his wife , Mary.

Modeling has always been Brannigan's passion, along with cooking and singing. After college, Brannigan decided to move to Los Angeles to give modeling a true shot. Brannigan owes so much to a dear friend of her father, Bill Gow, who hleped her through her transition from New York to Los Angeles. He is truly her angel. Her time in L.A. has been extraordinary. She has had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the industry.

Brannigan has several hidden talents. She can sing (and not only in the shower). Brannigan sang opera all through high school and was the leader in her class. Cooking is also one of her many passions. Brannigan went to college for two years at Monroe C.C. and studied food service and hospitality. Realizing that cooking was more than a hobby, she enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America for Pastry Arts, but modeling called.

Brannigan would like to think people see her as a very strong and independent woman. Brannigan was voted Biggest Flirt in High School (though she has no idea why, Wink!) And b the looks of her you would say "Where's that girl from?" some people think she's Italian, some think she's Latin, but actually her mother is from a tiny town in Central America called Placentia and her dad was Irish.

In her off time, she likes hanging out with her boyfriend, Blake and their three dogs. She loves to go snowboarding, camping, hiking, and surfing trips. Hey, she's just a normal girl.

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Deal or No Deal

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