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Jerry Hall
VH1: 5/29/2005-8/4/2005
VH1 Television

Kept was a short-lived reality series that centered around Jerry Hall (a model and former ex-wife of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger) searching for a "Kept" man. When Hall narrowed the list down to twelve, she spirited off to London and eliminated them one by one.


Jerry Hall the sexy, sassy supermodel & "ex-Ms.Jagger" is choosing 12 men to compete to live her lavish rock 'n' roll lifestyle as a "kept" man. The lucky competitor will share in her life & luxury, accompanying her to star-studded events, rock 'n' roll parties and socializing with her friends and family in London.


"You can't always get what you want!"


The final three contestants consisted of Anwar, Austen and Seth. In the August 4, 2005 finale, Hall was torn between Austen and Seth but ultimately chose Seth as he knew how to have fun and she thought he had matured throughout the process. Seth claims that he got his $100,000 in prize money but after filming stopped he never saw Jerry, the penthouse apartment or the Lamborghini again.


The show (which aired in Britain on VH1 UK) caused a small controversy when adverts were banned from London Underground stations. The poster in question depicted Jerry Hall holding a leash, surrounded by several young semi-dressed men, and this violated London Underground's policy of adverts featuring people as sex objects. However, the posters were on display in other locations including mainline railroad stations.



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