Lianna Grethel
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Name: Lianna Grethel
Born: June 13, 1971
Occupation: Actress, Model
Years active: 2005-present
Known for: Acting and modelling career
Lianna Grethel was born in Hartford, Connecticut but soon moved to Cali, Colombia. It comes as no surprise that Grethel entered the entertainment world; her mother, Consuelo Portuondo, was one of the most successful Colombian model of her time. Grethel's grandfather, Enrique Portuondo, was a well-known director and television host in Habana, Cuba. Throughout her childhood, Grethel's participated in every theatrical and musical production she came across. But it wasn't until she was 16 years old that she had her first national television ad campaign. Throughout her teenage years she continued in runway shows, photography modeling and television.

After taking the Latin entertainment world by storm, Grethel has crossed over into the american markets, relocating to the US ans starring on Deal or no Deal. Not leaving her latin roots behind, Grethel simultaneously hosts Alarm TV and channel 62 Daily News, both Liberman Broadcasting Productions. Grethel has undoubtedly proved herself as an actress, model and host.

After being trained in scenic interpretation and diction with word-reowned teacher Silvia Muscovich, El Museo de Bellas Artes in Cali and The Maria Sanford School of Dance, various opportunities were presented to Grethel.

Grethel acted in La Mujer Doble (The Double Woman), Maria Bonita and Mascarada (Masquerade), all hit Latin American televnovelas (Soap Operas). Additionally, she starred as one of the beautiful models in the popular Latin American variety show Sabado Gigante (Giant Saturday).

After moving from Miami to Los Angeles to futher pursue her acting and modeling career, Grethel was signed to the prestigious William Morris Agency. Grethel became the image for reowned brands such as: JC Penny, McDonalds, Cingular, Radio Shack and others. Grethel soon became the voice of McDonalds, Coca Cola, Jack in the Box and Burger King.

Grethel is proud of the level of success that she has reached today. Furthermore, she is honored to have been chosen as a DOND model among more than 2,000 model from around the world. Grethel is the only Colombian model on the show. Grethel hopes to continue breaking into the American entertainment wolrd. Recently, Grethel has become involved with charities and enjoys speaking and educating about the on-going political issues in her native homeland.

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