Born and raised in Southern California, Lisa Lakatos had always dreamed of becoming one day becoming a model. Her parents encouraged her, but were unable to offer her any support, so Lakatos put that dream on hold. Upon graduating from High School, she found herself juggling college and small model gigs while working full time for a non-profit agency for the disabled. Once modeling began to pick up, she left her day job and moved to Orange County to pursue her career as an esthetician and part time model. 

Then came along Deal or no Deal as a substitute model holding five different briefcases - she holds Briefcases #2, #9, #14, #16 (the most before her permanent briefcase), and #18. In the middle of Season 3, she permanently holds briefcase #16 to replace Krissy Carlson on March 10, 2008.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her bulldog Billy, reading self-help books, cooking, bike riding, exercising, shooting pool and has just taken up belly dancing.

Lakatos can't get enough of going out to eat, especially if it means being out on the patio.

This Hungarian/Japanese/German-born beauty considers herself to be a big dork who admits she still listens to old New Kids on the Block CDs and would much rather go karaoke-ing than to a club any day. Always looking on the bright side, she believes things really happen for a reason. "Live, Laugh, Love" is her motto. So beware of her smile, it's contagious.

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Deal or No Deal

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