Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy (January–March 1951)
John Nelson (March 1951–1953)
John Nelson
Jack Gregson
Michael Fitzmaurice
Assistants (CBS only)
Michael O'Halloran as "Merton the Butler" (early episodes)
Connie Clawson
NBC Radio (Daily): 6/5/1950 – 9/12/1952
CBS Primetime: 1/5/1951 – 3/14/1952
ABC Primetime: 10/18/1952 – 2/7/1953
ABC Radio (Daily): 11/3/1952 – 8/28/1953
Masterson-Reddy-Nelson Productions

Live Like a Millionaire was an early talent contest featuring parents who were being introduced by their children.

Premise[edit | edit source]

On each episode, three or four sets of talented parents performed for the audience, after they were introduced by their children. The winners, determined by audience applause, won the chance to "live like a millionaire" for a whole week, in which they were waited on, sent on trips, provided with expensive cars, or anything else they desired. When the show moved to ABC, the prize became purely monetary: the winning parents received a week's interest of $1,000,000 and an all-expense-paid vacation. In either case, each child received a bicycle or camera for bringing their parents on the show.

Taping Location[edit | edit source]

New York City, NY

YouTube Video[edit | edit source]

Opening of a John Nelson-hosted episode

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