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A scene from the 1984 film Electric Dreams (not to be confused with Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams) a brief clip for the promo of Love Connection can be seen on a computer screen.

Electric Dreams Love Connection Promo.png

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The film also features a brief clip of Let's Make a Deal as well.

In the 1985 documentary porn film Fallen Angels, a brief clip of Diana (played by Lisa Lake who has left the industry) is watching an episode of Love Connection from her hotel room. WARNING: U.S. Game Shows Wiki discretion is advised.

Fallen Angels Love Connection.png

A 1987 episode of the Showtime sitcom It's Garry Shandling's Show called "It's Garry and Angelica's Show" had a reference to the show in two parts. In Part 1, the late Shandling appears on the show hosted by Chuck Woolery. In Part 2, features a recap of the previous episode played at the top of the show.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Angelica is played by future movie star and poker player Jennifer Tilly.

A 1988 porn parody film satirized the show as Lust Connection. WARNING: U.S. Game Shows Wiki discretion is advised.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: In a 1993 interview by Entertainment Weekly, when Woolery was asked if the show should be called as Love Connection or Lust Connection he said: "I think a lot of people get confused with love. Most people attach lust with love, though love is a much deeper relationship. I think most of the love that's involved on the show is more of a superficial love". Ten years later in 2003, Woolery has once mentioned again about the huge major difference between love and lust on an episode of his short-lived reality series called Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned that aired on Game Show Network by saying:"Love is slow, lust is not slow, lust is fast. It is easier to lust than it is to love. And probably much more fun".

Another 1988 porn parody film called The Luv Game also satirized and renamed the show as The Luv Connection. WARNING: U.S. Game Show Wiki discretion is advised.

The Luv Game.png

An episode of the formerly popular sitcom 227 called "A Date to Remember" (originally February 18, 1989), After Sandra Clark (played by Jackee Harry) appeared on an episode of the show, she endures a series of mishaps involving her date's ex-wife.

NOTE: Both Chuck Woolery along with the voice of Johnny Gilbert makes an appearance in the episode as well.

A formerly popular rap song called Funky Cold Medina by Tone-Loc from March 21, 1989 referenced the title of the show and it's audience voting process in these lyrics:

"Back in the saddle, lookin' for a little affection
I took a shot as a contestant on the "Love Connection"
The "audience voted" and you know they picked a winner..."

In a 1989 (originally June 16, 1989) episode of the drama series Highway to Heaven called "The Squeaky Wheel", when Mark Gordon (played by Victor French) tries to help a handicapped person named Wayne Secrest (played by David Hall) who was a former war veteran who had lost his legs in his wheelchair up at the walk of fame, the title of this show along with Woolery's name on the TAV Celebrity Theater marquee can be seen behind Gordon.

The formerly popular sketch comedy series In Living Color did a parody of Love Connection twice with Chuck Woolery portrayed by Jim Carrey (as James Carrey at the time) in both. In the first skit airing on April 15, 1990; Mike Tyson's former ex-wife Robin Givens played by Kim Coles (Synclaire James from the sitcom Living Single [also on FOX] and host of Pay it Off on BET) goes on a date with Tyson (portrayed by Keenan Ivory Wayans) while in the second and finale skit that original aired on February 24, 1991; featured a character named Andrea Dice Clay (a gender swapped version of raunchy, wise-guy comedian Andrew Dice Clay) played by Kelly Coffield (now Kelly Coffield Park) as a contestant who goes on a date with the late Patrick Swayze (also portrayed by Carrey).

NOTE: Love Connection (Coles era) was the first skit (and parody) of the series.

A brief scene from the October 19, 1990 romantic drama film White Palace features a scene where Max Baron (played by James Spader) is watching an episode of Love Connection on television.

A brief scene from the November 30, 1990 Drama/Crime cult classic film Misery featured a clip of Love Connection playing on television.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: This film also features a clip from the Combs era of Family Feud but as a background noise.

On a November 20, 1991 episode of Dinosaurs called "How to Pick Up Girls" one of the channels briefly spoofed this show as Love Confession hosted by a dinosaur named "Chuck" where a female contestant named "Sandra" talks to him about her date with "Bob" as she has nothing but negative things to say about the date which lead Bob to apparently hang himself in the middle of the episode.

Love Confession Dinosaurs.png

Dinosaurs - Love Confession - HD

On a November 25, 1991 episode of Tiny Toon Adventures parody the show as Love Disconnection where Buster Bunny in a cheesy toupee and colored suit portrayed as Chuck Woolery while Gogo Dodo was a contestant.

Love Disconnection.png

A February 14, 1992 episode of Clarissa Explains it All called "Crush", Clarissa Darling (played by Melissa Joan Hart) talks to viewers about her unusual crushes (who were all animals) and then does a parody of Love Connection called the Crush Connection when she mentions more about her real human lovers.


Crush Connection With Clarissa Clarissa Explains It All NickSplat

In April 1992, the formerly popular satire magazine MAD parodied the show in issue #310 as Love Corruption written by Dick DeBartolo and was illustrated by Angelo Torres. The host for the parody was Upchuck Wobbly (parody of Chuck Woolery).

Mad Love Corruption.png

In June 1994, a cover of MAD magazine did another parody of the show with mascot Alfred E. Neuman as the bachelor contestant picking either Lorena Bobbitt, Tonya Harding or Amy Fisher as one of his three dates.

Tumblr lnw8xhtRJm1qia37eo1 500.jpg

In October 1996, an issue of MAD that mainly parodies Singled Out as Single Louts briefly mentions Love Connection in the first panel.

MAD Magazine Love Connection Mention.png

A brief scene from the 1992 (originally June 5, 1992) Kid 'n Play-driven comedy film Class Act where both Fruity and Go-Go (played by both Reginald Ballard and David Basulto respectively) watch an episode of Love Connection on television.

Class Act Love Connection Scene.png

In the January 5, 1993 crime/drama/thriller made-for-tv Movie In the Company of Darkness while Gina Pulasky (played by Helen Hunt) is playing poker with a guy, a clip of an episode of Love Connection can be seen playing on TV.

The MTV cartoon series Beavis and Butt-Head has referenced the show twice, in the 1993 episode (originally September 6, 1993) called "Car Wash", both Beavis and Butt-Head are siting in front of the television in their house watching Jeopardy! when the show is mentioned.

In the 1995 episode "Dream On", Butt-Head briefly dreams that he is on the show as a bachelor.

A December 26, 1993 episode of Doug called "Doug Throws a Party" it was briefly parodied as The Mush Connection hosted by Roger Klotz with Doug Funnie as the contestant.

Doug The Mush Connection.png

A 1994 episode of Roundhouse called "Love" it was referenced and spoofed as the Like Connection.

RoundHouse Like Connection.png

A February 23, 1995 episode of Friends called "The One with the Two Parts: Part 2" features a brief clip of Love Connection on television with the SAP (Second Audio Program) turned on.

Friends Love Connection.png

A May 4, 1995 episode of ER called "Love Among the Ruins" a woman named Chloe Lewis (played by Kathleen Wilhoite) watches an episode of Love Connection on television.

ER Love Connection.png

A 1996 episode of Martin called "The Love Jones Connection" did a parody of the show as Love Jones Connection hosted by D'Andre Simpson (played by former BET personality Donnie Simpson) featuring Sheneneh Jenkins (played by Martin Lawrence) as a contestant.

Love Jones Connection.png

The formerly popular sketch comedy series MADtv did a parody of Love Connection in 2000, but this version was not hosted by Chuck Woolery himself instead he was portrayed by Pat Kilbane. This was between a relationship with a Betamax provider named Ann Maden (played by Nicole Sullivan) and a DeLorean dealer named Jim Blevins (played by Will Sasso) as they describe their sexual experiences with each other in detail by the use of 80s phrases & slang terms.

In the 2004 episode of Scrubs called "My Cake", former host Chuck Woolery briefly appears in Turk's Love Connection dream sequence.

Chuck Woolery on Scrubs.png

In 2005, Love Connection was mentioned briefly as a topic in the 1986 episode of the VH1 miniseries called I Love the 80s 3-D.

I Love the 80s 3-D Love Connection.png

In 2006, Love Connection was ranked #18 as one of The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time hosted by Bil Dwyer.

A 2009 song called Hey, Soul Sister by a rock band named Train references the title of the show in this lyric:

"You gave my life direction, a game show "Love Connection" we can't deny.

On a 2010 episode of The Cleveland Show called "Love Rollercoaster", Roberta Tubbs (as Tyra Banks in a fat suit) briefly appears in an episode of Love Connection featuring the voice of Chuck Woolery.

The Cleveland Show Love Connection.png

NOTE: The title of this episode is a reference to the classic funk/R&B song by The Ohio Players from 1975 along with a cover of the song by The Red Hot Chili Peppers from 1996 of the same name.

In 2011, in order to promote their prepaid T-Mobile wireless carrier MetroPCS by introducing their Samsung Galaxy Indulge smartphones they decided to parody the show as a viral web series called The G-Connection with Warren G hosted by former rapper Warren G and was announced by famed YouTube sensation who is most commonly known as "The Man with The Golden Voice" Ted Williams. In this parody, three bachelors named ReGGie, GrrrrrrrreeeGG and Snoop DoGGGG (whom are all played by Snoop Dogg) tries to win a date with model Brittany Dailey.

The G Connection with Warren G.png

In 2017, The local FOX 29 Philly talk show The Q, hosted by Quincy Harris, did a parody of the show as a way to prepare for the short-lived Andy Cohen revival at the time.


The Q on FOX does Love Connection