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Bret Ernst (2010)
Tanisha Thomas (2010-2013)
Oxygen: 3/16/2010-1/15/2013
Bunim/Murray Productions

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too was a spin-off of Oxygen's hit reality show The Bad Girls Club where Three "Bad Girls" from previous seasons of the show are "looking for the man of their dreams" out of thirteen eligible bachelors. (Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the game show on Discovery + called 90 Day Fiance: Love Games)


In Season 1, Thirteen bachelors compete for the love of three "Bad Girls". They would compete in a series of challenges to be deemed "Throphy Winner". As "Throphy Winner" the bachelor could pick dates, have vulnerability from elimination, alone time with a "bad girl" etc. Eliminations took place at the "Bad Girls VIP Room" at a local club. During elimination, all three "Bad Girls" choose one bachelor each that they think to be reckless, lack of interest, etc. The bachelors would sell themselves to the "Bad Girls" on why they should remain in the competition. The "Bad Girls" then deliberate and pick which bachelor to go.

In Season 2, "Bad Girls" will now have to compete to be "HBIC" (Head Bad Girl In Charge) The "HBIC" puts the bachelors up for eliminations and picks the date of the other girls. She can start flirting with any of the other girls' dates. The "HBIC" chooses three bachelors to put up for elimination. This is when she picks the other "Bad Girls" bachelors of liking. It usually starts drama. The other two "Bad Girls" have to vote on which bachelor leaves. If there is no agreement, the "HBIC" gets to pick which bachelor is eliminated.

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Bad Girls All-Star Battle - another spinoff of the franchise that also briefly aired on Oxygen from 2013 until 2014.


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