Lynne Thigpen
Chief world
Name: Lynne Thigpen
Born: December 22, 1948
Birth Hometown: Joliet, Illinois
Died: March 12, 2003
Place of death: Marina del Rey, California
Occupation: Host, Actress, Singer, Announcer
Years active: 1971-2003
Known for: being the chief on Carmen Sandiego
Lynne Thigpen (b. December 22, 1948 - d. March 12, 2003) was an American actress and announcer. She was best known for playing "The Chief" in both Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?. Her part as the chief was being the announcer for the show and co-hosting. Thigpen has also starred in other Carmen Sandiego CD Roms and a planetarium feature entitled "Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego?" Thigpen died on March 12, 2003 with cerebral hemorrhage.

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