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Unsold Pilot for NBC Daytime: 1964 or 1965 (believed to be between 9/1964 and 4/1965)
Goodson-Todman Productions

"NBC Television presents the new game... Make Your Move. And now here's your host, Robert Earle!"

Make Your Move is an unsold show involving position and strategy.


Four players sat behind podiums labeled A, B, C, and D, and called out moves for their respective lettered tokens on a 7×7 game board. The objective was to collect the "Treasure" in the center square and then reach a designated goal corner (always the opposite from their starting position), though barriers would be present in each game to block certain pathways.

The catch to all this was that the players could not see the board. As such, trying to move in the direction of a barrier or the edge of the board resulted in that player losing their turn.

Once a player obtained the Treasure, they could eliminate their opponents from the current game by moving into the same space as them (and vice-versa for those who did not have the Treasure). Should the player holding the Treasure be eliminated, the opponent who did so got the Treasure. Obtaining the Treasure awarded an extra move, as did moving to a square adjacent to an opponent.

Winning a game awarded $200, with $50 given to whoever got the Treasure first. If time ran out during a game, the player currently holding the Treasure got $100. The player with the most money would return the next day to face three new challengers.


Main - "Murder She Says aka The Miss Marple Theme" by Ron Goodwin and His Orchestra


  • While it is possible for three of the players to be eliminated in a single game, it is not known whether the fourth would have won by default or still needed to get to their goal, as this scenario never occurs during the pilot.
  • This is one of two Johnny Olson credits known to be absent from an otherwise-thorough list in his biography, Johnny Olson: A Voice In Time (written by Randy West). The other is Super Bingo.
  • Make Your Move appears to have been a complete unknown among the game show community until July 2017, when a 16mm film copy went up for auction on eBay. No copy is listed among the holdings of UCLA, Paley Center, or the Library of Congress, nor are there any known references to the show in contemporary media.
    • The exterior of the reel had two crossed-out portions reading "WHAT'S GOING ON?" and "11|18 54", with "MAKE YOUR MOVE" written underneath the former. Nothing related to What's Going On? was on the film itself.