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WYIN PBS 56: 2011-2012, 2014, 2016-Present
Lakeshore Public Television

Making the Grade is an academic quiz bowl for the Gary area of Indiana.


Two grade schools represented by four students each face-off in this academic quiz bowl game.

Round 1: Question & Answer[]

The first round was a "free for all" round. The host read rapid fire questions and the first player to buzz in with the correct answer scored five points for the team. Incorrect answers from the first player to buzz-in gave the opponents a chance to answer.

Round 2: Class Project[]

This was a one-on-one round where one player from each team seated across from each other faced-off in each question. Pairs of players seated across from each other took turns throughout the round. Questions were still worth five points.

Round 3: Pop Quiz[]

The host read a three-clue question pertaining to a person, place or thing. Answering the question on the first clue was worth 30 points. Answering on the second was worth 20, and the third was worth 10.

Round 4: Final Exam[]

This was the final round of the game which had six categories. Each category had five questions with increasing point values. The first question in each category was worth 10 points and each new question in a category increased the value by five up to 30 points.

The team with the most points at the end of the game were the champions.


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