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Mall Masters @ mall of america
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GSN: 4/1/2001 – 8/31/2001 (reruns aired until 12/1/2001)
Stone-Stanley Entertainment/GSN

"From the state that gave us rollerblades, the Vikings, and a mall with over 500 stores and a seven-acre indoor theme park, it's Mall Masters at Mall of America, and I'm your host, Chris Harrison."

Mall Masters (also known as Mall Masters at Mall of America) was a short-lived shopping game show taped at the Mall of America.


Three contestants competed in a game of knowledge and surveys at the world-famous Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

Main GameEdit

Round 1Edit

Host Harrison read a toss-up survey question based on a poll of 100 shoppers at the Mall of America with three choices. The first one to buzz in with the most popular answer (which was the right answer) got a chance to choose from one of four stores inside the Mall of America. If incorrect, the correct answer was revealed and the other two players were asked a question with the third player locked out. If one of those players got that question wrong, then the remaining player would be asked another question unopposed. If that player got the question wrong, the next question was asked to all three players once again (if this was ever the case, only the last questions asked until the last question at that point was answered correctly, were kept and aired).

Once a store was picked, a person who was at that store would team up with the contestant to answer a general knowledge question associated with that store in some way (this time, with four choices). The shopper would give their answer, and the contestant could then agree or disagree with the mall shopper's pick. If the in-studio contestant disagreed, they had to choose from the other three possibilities. If the contestant chose the correct answer, they scored 100 points. Once a store was picked, it was gone, and another store took its place. If the shopper got the question right, regardless if the contestant got it right or wrong, they got a $50 gift certificate from the Mall of America.

Round 2Edit

This round followed the same rules as the first round, but with two differences:

  1. Correct answers to store questions were worth 200 points
  2. The three stores that weren't chosen at the end of the previous round carried over.

Round 3: Lightning RoundEdit

The Lightning Round would be played with 90 seconds (1:30) on the clock. Correct answers were once again worth 100 points. A general knowledge question was asked. The first to ring in with the correct answer got the points. If the first player got the question wrong, the other two players could ring in; however, only two contestants could answer the same question.

When time ran out, the contestant with the highest score won the game. If the game ended in a two-way tie for first place, or if all three tied, a tie-breaker question was asked, with the first contestant to ring-in getting a chance to answer, and if correct, moved on to the bonus round, but if wrong, the opponent won (in the case of a three-way tie, if the first contestant to ring-in was wrong, he/she automatically lost, and the other two contestants would ring in to answer, and if they were incorrect, the last opponent won).

Bonus RoundEdit

The contestant was asked up to nine questions, all asked regarding one store in the Mall of America. Each question had two choices, and a right answer got $100, but a wrong answer or failing to answer within ten seconds got a strike, and three strikes ended the bonus round; however, if the contestant could get seven of the nine questions correct, he or she won $5,000 (accompanied by a "$5,000" graphic and footage of shoppers applauding appearing on the video wall).

Three new contestants competed on each show.


This was the third of three Stone-Stanley game shows set inside a mall (real or fake). The first two were Born Lucky and the super-successful Shop 'Til You Drop.