Marc Summers
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Name: Marc Berkowitz Summers
Born: November 11, 1951
Birth Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Occupation: Host
Years active: 1986-present
Known for: Hosting Double Dare on the Nickelodeon Network

"On Your Marc, Get Set, Go!"

Marc Summers (Born Marc Berkowitz on November 11, 1951, in Indianapolis, IN) is an actor, comedian, producer, and host for all seasons. In the 70s, he was a page for CBS. He had some advice from Jack Barry, Bob Barker, and Wink Martindale (all of their shows premiered together on CBS). Marc's very first on-air job was an announcer for The Joker's Wild in 1973 filling in for Johnny Jacobs. His best known one was Nickelodeon's Double Dare from 1986 to 1993 plus additional versions. He was also the executive consultant for Double Dare 2000. From 2018-2019, Summers returned to Double Dare, but this time, as the announcer. He was dubbed as "The Mayor of Double Dare". Though he showed no signs of slowing down, Marc's diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). In mid-2012, Marc was in a taxicab accident which messed up the left side of his face but not his spirit.

These days he's on the Food Network. One of the shows he hosted there was Unwrapped.

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