Sherri Shepherd (season 2 only)
Shawn Bullard (Season 1)
Stevie Baggs (Season 2)
Ken Johnson (a.k.a Pastor Ken)
The Mothers
Maggie Bullard (Bullard)
Lola Robinson (Baggs)
Match Made in Heaven Intertitle.jpg
WEtv: 2/4/2015 – 7/7/2016
Gaspin Media
Glassman Media

Match Made in Heaven is a reality dating show featuring Shawn Bullard, an African-American real estate magnate and former college athlete looking for true love. In season 2, an African-American businessman, motivational speaker and former NFL/CFL football linebacker named Stevie Baggs is looking for true love.


Season 1

Enter Pastor Ken Johnson (spiritual advisor to the Indianapolis Colts) who guides Shawn and observes the authenticity and godliness of twenty-four women living under one roof hoping to find a love connection with Shawn. But, not only does the pastor weigh in on Shawn's choices, but when his very own outspoken mother moves in, she too has a say on who could potentially be her "daughter-in-law". While some ladies are sane and sweet, others are downright devilish and leading to plenty of drama and bad behavior. After a series of dates, romantic rendezvous, harsh eliminations and solicited (and unsolicited) advice from the pastor and his mother, find out if Shawn finally meet his match.

Season 2

Stevie Baggs, an African-American businessman, motivational speaker and former NFL/CFL linebacker is in search of "the one" in a group of eighteen beautiful bachelorettes. Sherri Shepherd (or the "Sherri-godmother") oversees the house of eligible ladies all vying for Stevie's attention. However, she is not the only "mother" in the house! Stevie's opinionated sassy yet stunning mother moves in and she means business; as the self-proclaimed watchdog of her sons' heart. Additionally, Ken Johnson, a dynamic pastor and spiritual advisor of the Indianapolis Colts, returns this season to make sure the women are there for all the right reasons and Stevie doesn't fall for the wrong ones. The ladies will endure a series of dates, romantic rendezvous and harsh eliminations, which will make or break their way to Stevie's heart. A number of temptation challenges will be put forth for the bevy of beauties, designed to bring out anyone's true colors and while some of the ladies seem sweet and innocent; others are downright devilish leading to plenty of drama and bad behavior.


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