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OPENING SPIEL: Well... Whad' Ya Know? Not much, do you?

Michael Feldman's Whad' Ya Know? is an American public radio comedy quiz/variety show hosted by Michael Feldman. Each contestant is pitted against Feldman in two rounds of skill and nerves of steel in an effort to score points and win merchandise prizes by answering multiple-choice questions on a variety of intellectually conscious topics. Distributed by Public Radio International (PRI), WYK? w/MF also features musical performances, a variety of nationally and internationally renowned guests from the media, entertainment and music industries, corporate America, sports, law enforcement and all other walks of life, and All the News That Isn't, an opening segment comprising Feldman's humorous monologues on the stories making headlines in the news.

All the News That Isn't[]

Feldman begins Whad' Ya Know? with All the News That Isn't, which features the breaking-news humor of Wisconsin's #1 public radio broadcaster.

The Whad' Ya Know? Quiz[]

In the first of two rounds of The Whad' Ya Know? Quiz, Feldman asks a member of the audience simple questions on a a single topic from one of the four categories. Once Feldman interrogates the opponent, he/she correctly answers the response and scores up to 100 points. The first player to answer as many questions in The Whad' Ya Know? Quiz wins the first round of play.

The Whad' Ya Know? Quiz continues with a second, and final, round of multiple choice questions. As soon as Feldman asks the challenger a question, he and/or she must respond correctly in an effort to score more points.


Radio - 1985-Present
Syndication 08/1990 - 09/1990


Michael Feldman


Jim Packard
Sara Nics
Tim Arnold


John Thulin - piano
Jeff Hamann - bass
Clyde Stubblefield - drums

Previous musician[]

Jeff Eckles - bass


Michael Feldman


"Well... Whad' Ya Know?" - Michael Feldman

"Not much, do you?" - Members of the audience


A series television adaptation of Michael Feldman's Whad' Ya Know? aired in first-run broadcast syndication from August 1990 to September 1990 and was distributed by Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution. Feldman was the host and quizmaster; the announcer was Jim Packard.

When to listen[]

Michael Feldman's Whad' Ya Know? is heard on selected public radio stations in the U.S., including most NPR member stations. Please check local listings on the Michael Feldman's Whad' Ya Know? official website for a public radio station in your area.

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