Lou Canellis
WGN 9: 9/24/2007

A one-time special from the Illinois Lottery as part of their Million Dollar Summer promo in the summer of 2007.


Over 16 consecutive weeks over the summer, the lottery offered a chance to be on this show. By sending in $30 or more of qualifying non-winning lottery tickets, you were entered in a drawing where a contestant would be chosen weekly.

The 16 contestants competed in this show to win money as well as a chance to win one million dollars.

Each contestant selected one of the 16 number podiums, and then a dollar amount above $50,000 was revealed in front them. Whatever money amount was revealed in front the contestants became theirs unless any of them decided to go for the one million at the risk of losing the difference between their amount and $50,000.

The ones who did decide to go for it were then entered in a million dollar drawing. Their numbers were placed into a lottery hopper and then were jumbled up in there. The player whose number was drawn first, won the million. The rest of them still left with $50,000.


Joan Collaso, Darryl Duncan, GameBeat Studios


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