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Guy Fieri (2010-2011)
Apolo Anton Ohno (2013-2014)
Tom Kane
Jonathan Lipow
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NBC: 3/14/2010 – 9/7/2011
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(Sneak Peek): 5/23/2013
(Series): 6/25/2013 – 4/29/2014
Packagers (NBC)
Friday TV
Smart Dog Media
Universal Media Studios
Packagers (GSN)
Friday TV
Revelle Entertainment
Shine Media

Minute to Win It was a game show where people would compete in seemingly easy stunts to win $1,000,000 ($250,000 in the GSN version). They could include pulling all the tissues out of a box with one hand, stacking golf balls, but they all featured household items.

Minute To Win It was originally created in 2003 by Derek Banner and his Copenhagen based production company BUMP Productions - Banner Universal Motion Pictures LLC, with the original title of Minute Winner - You got one minute to win it. The draft format of the game show was then in November 2005 presented to the Swedish format company Friday TV, who further developed it in 2007 and licensed it to NBC in 2009.


The contestant would be presented with the blueprint (via monitor with a female announcer) for the first level and had to successfully complete the game presented within one minute/60 seconds to win $1,000 and advance to the next level. The contestant would play inside the so-called "60-second circle" during all challenges. After successfully completing the first, fifth, eighth, and most recently ninth level games, the contestant would be guaranteed to leave with no less than the cash award for those levels. Completing all 10 levels awarded $1,000,000 to the contestant(s) ($250,000 in the GSN version). In the GSN version, the milestones are the first, fifth and seventh levels.

The difficulty of the games progressively and exponentially increased throughout the current game. If time expired or the conditions of the game couldn't be fulfilled (such as by the contestant exhausting any allotted attempts, breaking the rules of a game, having stacked items fall... etc.), the contestant would lose a "life". If the contestant lost all three of their "lives", the game would end and the contestant's winnings would drop to the previous milestone they passed.

After successfully completing a game, the contestant could leave with the amount of money already won before seeing the blueprint for the next game. However, once the contestant elected for the game, the contestant couldn't leave the show until that game was complete or they exhausted all three of their "lives". The show also featured a money tree.

Some games require that the contestant let objects stand still for 3 seconds. If there are 3 or fewer seconds on the clock, the clock will stop at 1, the count will continue backstage, and the contestant will have completed the game if the objects stand still for 3 seconds. Sometimes games require a "power cam" replay to make sure the contestant completed the game within the time limit. Sometimes, the rule states that an object has to be released before time expires (Layin' Track, Tuna Roll), other times, the objective must be met first. If the contestant releases an object to stand still as time expires, a replay will check to see if the object was released in time (the 3-second count still happens but is usually not important).


Usually played with teams of two, two groups go head-to-head in a best of 7 challenge face-off. As the intro for these episodes state, "they are turning off the clock". As such, it was a simple race to see which contestant(there were no team games here) could complete the challenge first. The challenges played here are often from the earlier levels of the show. However, certain games were unique to this format. The first team to win four games automatically sent the other team home with $1,000. The winning team played for the million starting at level 6 with a banked $50,000 from level 5 with three lives for winning the head-to-head challenge. On one rare occasion, the best of 7 was instead a best of 3 and the first person to win two games started at level 3 or 4 and banked the money level equivalent to the number of games played during the head-to-head due to the fact the money tree moved up each level as the head-to head progressed.

Note: This format was also played solo with 2 contestants.

Last Man Standing[]

At the beginning of the game, 10 contestants are shown in the studio along with the host. After each blueprint is shown, the last contestant to successfully complete that challenge is eliminated. This continues until there is only one contestant left who wins $100,000 and plays Supercoin for a chance at winning $1,000,000. The challenges do still get progressively more difficult however the final levels do not usually include tough challenges but still present a challenge due to the remaining contestants left being no more than 3 or 4. No game above level 7 in the main game is ever featured due to the steep difficulty curve. Level 9 is the final level where the contestants face-off and play Ping Tac Toe in a head-to-head version just like the original game except they play using ping-pong balls and water-filled glasses.

NBC Run[]

Level Value
1 $1,000
2 $2,500
3 $5,000
4 $10,000
5 $50,000
6 $75,000
7 $125,000
8 $250,000
9 $500,000
10 $1,000,000

In the first part of season one, $50,000 was the only milestone; players who were eliminated from the game before completing the Level 5 game left with nothing. The milestones at $1,000 and $250,000 were added in the second part of that season. Then, partway through season two, a milestone at $500,000 was added.

In episodes featuring celebrity contestants competing for charities, all levels were milestones, so they won all the money up to their last successful level.[1]

In episodes featuring teams of two contestants, some games were played by both players, while others were played solo. A player could only make three consecutive attempts at solo games (including re-attempts following losing a life; an intervening team game did not reset this count but it also did not add to the count). After a player made three attempts, the other player would be forced to attempt the next solo game.

In Christmas episodes, 2 extra games were added for "the 12 games of Minute to Win It": the 11th game was worth $2,000,000 and the 12th was worth $3,000,000. Both were milestones. The games for these episodes were almost identical to the regular show, just changed with a christmas theme to challenges (eating gingerbread cookies, shaking jingle bells out of a box, etc.) In Christmas episodes, some games contained a "Holiday Bonus" which was known to be a bonus before the blueprint. If the contestant completes the Holiday Bonus game, one of Santa's helpers would walk over and give the prize to the contestants/host. They would then open the gift and reveal their bonus. These bonuses could appear as early as level 2, or as late as level 8 (although this only happened once) However, they are often given when a contestant performs extremely well in the previous challenge. A visual representation of the gift was placed inside of a box, which would be opened if and when the level was completed. The gifts included:

  • An extra life – Contestants who received this "gift" would have one more life added to their current amount.
  • Extra 10 seconds – Contestants who received this "gift" could add an extra 10 seconds (or, in the case of a survival game, subtract 10 seconds) to a game once, including after a re-attempt following a failure.
  • Prize – Contestants who received this gift won a bonus prize(Only used in christmas episodes)

Some Season 2 episodes featured similar bonuses known as a "Blueprint Bonus." The only bonuses won by contestants were the extra life and extra ten seconds. Unlike the holiday bonus, the bonus was shown on the blueprint monitor and was shown before the blueprint game. The same bonus could not be won twice and the bonus only appeared in levels 2-6. When a contestant decided to use the extra ten seconds, a special 70 second clock was used, or if the contestant was playing a survival game (like Keep it Up, Defying Gravity, High as a Kite, Uphill Battle, etc.) the clock was reduced to 50 seconds. In addition, the outer floor lights of the 60-second circle didn't turn red for the first ten seconds. For the survival games, the first ten lights were already red.

GSN Run[]

A year after the original ended, GSN revived the series with Apolo Anton Ohno. The top prize for GSN’s version was $250,000. The milestones were $1,000, $10,000 and $25,000. This version had a total of 40 episodes. GSN also during Late 2011, 2012 and Early-Mid 2013, GSN aired reruns of the NBC version.

Level Value
1 $1,000
2 $2,000
3 $3,000
4 $5,000
5 $10,000
6 $15,000
7 $25,000
8 $50,000
9 $100,000
10 $250,000


Games used in the US version. Bold indicates the challenge was a team challenge. Italics indicate the challenge had multiple levels/versions. Challenges with parentheses"()" indicate additional information about the challenge. Underlined challenges indicate that the challenge was a timed challenge that was either an endurance challenge(requiring the host to check something, i.e. Pedometer clicks) or a survival challenge requiring the contestant to outlast a challenge for 60 seconds(keeping balloons up in the air, having a kite not touch the ground...Etc.) A Strikethrough indicates the challenge is unofficial or never used. If the results aren't clear or there is a amazing feat during a challenge, this is viewed on the "Power Cam" which is simply the blueprint monitor or a bigger screen off-camera.

Level 1[]

Room for error is allowed here, since this is the contestant's first time in the 60-second circle. Despite that, the challenges still prove tough. Some contestants have lost all three lives on level 1.

  • Hanky Panky(The first ever challenge used on the show)
  • Tilt-a-Cup(6 balls needed)
  • Nice Build
  • Nose Dive(5 Cotton Balls)
  • Stick To It
  • This Blows(15 cups needed)
  • Bucket Head(2 Each)
  • Bucket Head(3 Each)
  • Bucket Head(3 needed)
  • Chocolate Unicorn(7 needed)
  • Spare Me(12 Markers)
  • Octopus(3 out of 12)
  • Movin On' Up(Solo)
  • Bottoms Up(4 total)
  • Tilt-A-Cup(6 balls needed)
  • Hoop De Loop(Team, Hula Hoops are shared)
  • Hoop De Loop(Solo, 20 Hula Hoops)
  • Temper Tantrum(400 Clicks, Endurance)
  • Office Maximus
  • How's It Hangin(1 Orange)
  • Nervous Nelly(Endurance)
  • Floatacious
  • Wet Ball
  • Candelier
  • Fish Head
  • Sticky Balls
  • Dizzy Mummy
  • Baby Rattle
  • Roll With It
  • Mad Dog
  • Drop Zone(Solo)
  • Bottoms Up(4 Cans)
  • Whack Job(8 out of 12)
  • Drop Zone(Team)
  • Wreath Relay(Christmas)
  • Reindeer Nosedive(Christmas)
  • Bobblehead(200 Clicks, Endurance)

Level 2[]

No more room for error. The challenges here may be easier than level 1 but may still prove tricky. This level is not often failed since contestants have now been in the 60-second circle.

  • Extreme Hanky Panky
  • Chocolate Chip Flip
  • Ball Cap(3 out of 10)
  • Face The Cookie(1 Each)
  • Chocolate Unicorn(6 Each)
  • Glass Road Trucker
  • Card Ninja
  • How's It Hangin(2 Oranges)
  • Stay on Key(2 keys needed)
  • Clipper
  • Bouncer(9 Each)
  • Drop,Sink & Clink
  • Ker-Plink Or Plunk!(3 balls needed)
  • Wheel of A Deal(The host may check)
  • Whipper Snapper(1 Ball)
  • Noodling Around
  • Movin' On Up(Team)
  • Ball Cap(3 out of 10)
  • High as a Kite(Survival)
  • Worm Diving
  • Egg Dance
  • Suck It Up(2 needed)
  • Nose Dive(6 Cotton Balls)
  • Ping Tac Toe(Same Color)
  • Ping Tac Toe(Different colors, make 3 in a row any way even with different colors)
  • Back Flip(12 Pencils)
  • Bucket Head(5 needed)
  • Give it a Whirl
  • Bobblehead(125 Clicks, Endurance)
  • Flying Gumball Saucers
  • Whack Attack
  • Stop Your Whining
  • Disco Drop
  • Knock It Off(3 out of 6)
  • Ka-Broom(3 Marshmallows)
  • Spin Doctor(2 Quarters)
  • Puddle Jumper(3 needed)
  • Jingle in the Trunk(Christmas)
  • Holiday Hustle(Christmas)

Level 3[]

The challenges here aren't too tough on their own, but with only one minute, they prove quite challenging.

  • Office Dominoes(Solo, 10 Reams)
  • Snap, Crackle & Topple
  • Stay on Key(3 keys needed)
  • Junk in the Trunk(8 balls needed, If the results aren't clear the host will check)
  • Blow Ball
  • Octopus(6 out of 12)
  • Don't Blow The Kings
  • Bite Me
  • High Strung(1 needed)
  • Baby' Blockin
  • Loner(15 Marbles Each)
  • Rapid Fire(6 needed)
  • Hang Over(6 Hangers)
  • By a Thread
  • Speed Eraser(7 needed)
  • Speed Eraser(6 each)
  • Separation Anxiety(45 M'Ms)
  • Whack Job(9 out of 12)
  • Blind Ball(2 out of 4 Balls)
  • Well Done
  • A Bit Dicey
  • Hut, Hut, Hike!(NFL)
  • Keep The Change(1 out of 5 cups)
  • Ruler of the World
  • Play it By Ear(8 Cans, Endurance)
  • Field Goal
  • Field Goal(Solo)
  • Magic Carpet Ride(Solo)
  • Bottoms Up(6 Total)
  • Cappuccino
  • Puddle Jumper(3 each, same heights)
  • Yank Me(Contestant must only use one hand when removing index cards)
  • Kick Off
  • Stick The Landing(1 out of 10 attempts)
  • Maze Craze
  • Marbles Grande(5 Feet)
  • Marbles Grande(Solo, 4 balls needed)
  • Ready Spaghetti
  • Elephant March
  • Tweeze Me(1 Tic Tac out of 5)
  • Snowball Fight(Christmas)
  • Holiday Kiss(Christmas)
  • Face the Gingerbread Man(Christmas, 1 Cookie)

Level 4[]

A level with easy-to-medium difficulty. Good practice with these challenges may make it easier.

  • Matchmaker(16 Candies)
  • Paper' Scraper
  • Spoon Frog(3 needed)
  • Cantenna
  • Volcano(Solo, 1 needed)
  • Volcano(Team, 1 each)
  • Flip Your Lid(Solo)
  • Junk in the Trunk(8 each, If the results aren't clear the host will check)
  • Got Your Back
  • Booby Trap
  • Puddle Jumper(3 needed, different heights)
  • Tear It Up
  • Tea Party
  • Whipper Snapper(Summer Version with inner tube, beach towels; 2 balls needed)
  • Tilt-A-Cup(8 needed)
  • Drop Ball(2 out of 7)
  • Drop Ball(3 out of 7)
  • Marbles Grande(No Known Changes)
  • Back Flip(14 Pencils)
  • Office Fling
  • Play it By Ear(8 cans, Endurance)
  • Speed Eraser(13 Total)
  • This Blows(15 Each)
  • High Strung(2 needed)
  • Hangnails
  • Scary Cherry
  • Back Flip(16 Pencils)
  • Office Dominoes(11 Reams Each)
  • Nimble Thimble
  • Splitter(1 needed)
  • Johnny Applestack
  • Sticky Situation(2 Peanut Butter, 1 Jelly)
  • The Nutstacker(5 Each, 10 Nuts)
  • Suck It Up(2 candies Each)
  • Paper Dragon
  • Propeller Head(Team, 1 total)
  • Spoon Tune(Old McDonald Had a Farm)
  • Marbles Grande(No Known Changes)
  • Tipsy
  • Bucket Head(10 needed)
  • Loner(20 Marbles)
  • Flip Off
  • Magic Carpet Ride(Team)
  • On The Rebound
  • Brush With Danger
  • Bulb Balance
  • Spin Doctor(10 Dimes)
  • Triple Pong Plop(3 needed)
  • Egg Roll(2 Eggs)
  • Merry Fishmas(Christmas)
  • Christmas Ball Conveyor(Christmas)
  • Face The Gingerbread Man(Christmas, 2 Cookies)

Level 5[]

The level in which technique, practice, and strategy could never be more important.

  • Stack Attack
  • Egg Tower
  • Office Tennis
  • On The Hook
  • Tuna Roll
  • Wheel of a Deal(Used once as level 5 for a contestant due to them missing a leg).
  • Speed Eraser(14 Total)
  • Raisin The Bar(3 out of 10 bottles needed)
  • Candy Elevator
  • Speed Eraser(7 Each)
  • Spare Me(5 Chalk)
  • Bouncer(12 balls each)
  • Punch Your Lights Out(6 Lights)
  • Sticker Picker Upper(3 Stickers)
  • Flip Your Lid(Team)
  • Blind Ball(2 out of 4 Balls)
  • Walrus
  • Spoon Frog(2 Each)
  • Go The Distance
  • Splitter(2 needed)
  • Just Hang On
  • The Nutstacker(8 nuts)
  • Gettin Juggy' With It
  • Spoon Tune(Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
  • Egg Roll(3 Eggs)
  • Triple Pong Plop(4 needed)
  • Rapid Fire(Team, 6 Each)
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?(Christmas, Endurance)
  • Christmas Jingle(Christmas, if the contestant has a small amount of time left, and the contestant made a final decision on the order, the host will play the tune to check and see if the contestant has completed the level. If enough time remains, the contestant will play the tune.)

Level 6[]

"Now that you're big, $50,000 dollar winners, you know, this is kinda like child's play"(Guy Fieri, Season 1 Episode 16).

A level which may look simple at first, but requires not just mastery of the challenge, but to overcome stress which can often play a major role. This level also includes very difficult team games.

  • Beach Tennis
  • Raisin The Bar(4 out of 10 bottles needed)
  • Coffee Topper
  • Tweeze Me(3 Tic Tacs out of 5)
  • Mega Bubble
  • Ker-Plink or Plunk!(Sink Container, If the results of the challenge aren't clear the host will wait and check)
  • Penny Hose
  • Suck It Up(4 needed)
  • Split The Uprights(NFL)
  • Pong5(Pong to the Fifth Power, 20 Attempts)
  • Pong5(Pong to the Fifth Power, 15 Attempts)
  • Iron Board Man
  • Egg Zone(NFL)
  • Knock It Off(3 out of 5)
  • Ka-Broom(4 Marshmallows)
  • Whipper Snapper(2 needed)
  • Separation Anxiety(50 M'Ms)
  • Speed Eraser(8 Each)
  • Speed Eraser(15/16 Total)
  • Speed Eraser(12 needed)
  • Keep It Up(Surivival)
  • Defying Gravity(Survival)
  • The Nutstacker(10 Nuts)
  • Layin' Track
  • Sticker Picker Upper(4 Stickers)
  • Sticker Picker Upper(3 Each)
  • Bridge The Gap
  • Pop Top
  • Mouth to Mouth
  • Spudnick
  • Drop Ball(4 out of 7)
  • Dangerous Curves
  • Spoon Frog(3 Each)
  • Christmas Ball(Christmas)
  • Switcheroo
  • Deck the Balls(Christmas)
  • Christmas in the Balance(Christmas)

Level 7[]

The most challenging level which many have attempted, but only several have overcome with tremendous focus. Most contestants have lost at least 1 life on this level. Some challenges on this level have proven to be very difficult. This level is the last in which team games appear.

  • Don't Blow the Joker(5 decks)
  • Breakfast Scramble(Team, The host will explain certain rules about leaning pieces and the red square in this challenge)
  • Breakfast Scramble(Solo, The host will explain certain rules about leaning pieces and the red square in this challenge)
  • CD Dominoes
  • Tortilla Head
  • Matchmaker(18 candies)
  • Shoe Fly Shoe(1 out of 12 Attempts)
  • Propeller Head(Solo, 1 needed)
  • Spoon Frog(4 Each)
  • What a Racquet
  • Pink Elephant
  • Broomski Ball
  • Cyclone(If a marble falls out of the soda bottle, the game is over)
  • Chop Stack
  • Ball Cap(4 out of 10)
  • Double Trouble
  • Back Flip(16 Pencils)
  • Caddy Stack
  • Caddy Stack(Christmas, no changes, blueprint modifications)
  • Cantagious
  • Extreme Mini Stack Attack
  • Dental Cap
  • High Roller
  • Christmas Cliffhanger(Christmas)
  • Extreme Christmas Nutstacker(Christmas, 8 nuts)

Level 8[]

This level takes a break from frantic action and instead focuses once again on mastery of challenges. It's often a tricky level to beat due to the fact that many challenges in this level include a way to fail the challenge besides running out of time or include some sort of gimmick that will waste valuable time(Ping Tac Toe and Horseplay both feature color-coordinated ping pong balls) and forces the contestant to play a game a certain way, making it all more troublesome.

  • Horseplay
  • Oh Nuts!
  • Keep The Change(2 out of 8 cups)
  • Ping Tac Toe(Alternating Colors,Balls)
  • Frankenstein
  • Punch Your Lights Out(9 Lights)
  • Hang Over(7 Hangers)
  • Mag-Nutstacker
  • Raise Your Glass(Christmas)
  • Lollipop(Christmas)

Level 9[]

The most failed level percentage wise. In the history of Minute to Win It, only two teams have overcome this level. The challenges here are the toughest Minute to Win It has to offer and have ended people's games even with 3 lives within a few minutes. Everything will be tested here. Technique, Speed, Concentration, the ability to play under stress, and even ways to fail a challenge besides running out of time. Even with tons of practice, luck may play a role in this level.

  • Uphill Battle(Survival)
  • Get Forked
  • Extreme Nutstacker
  • Don't Blow the Joker(3 Decks)
  • Hung With Care(Christmas)

Level 10[]

The final level. Those who have beaten level 9 know they have already beaten such difficult challenges, and have become Minute to Win It legends. However, Supercoin tests your skills in a way in which no other challenge can, since it's about muscle memory and not what you do physically, but mentally. Do you change the angle of your shot? Do you bounce throw the coin harder or softer? How do you keep a good rhythm going? While Supercoin may seem way too difficult for a game show, every other challenge required practice, technique, focus, speed etc. How Supercoin is played is up to the contestant, every single second and every coin thrown. Luck may be involved, but practice can make Supercoin easier.

  • Supercoin
  • Pitch Black(This challenge was originally going to be used in season 1 as level 10, but was then scrapped).

Level 11 & 12[]

Unknown/Not Reached on the show.

Head-to-Head Challenges[]

Bold indicates the challenge has only ever been used in a head-to-head format. Italics Indicate the challenged was changed in some way from it's normal counterpart.

  • Brew-Ha-Ha
  • Whack Attack
  • Tear It Up
  • Face the Cookie(2 cookies)
  • Paper Dragon
  • A Bit Dicey
  • Floatacious
  • Extreme Hanky Panky
  • Office Dominoes
  • The Nutstacker(10 Nuts, the contestants are allowed to restack if the tower falls)
  • Suck It Up(3 needed, the contestants do not have to walk to a repicoral. Instead, the straws are placed in the candy bowl).
  • Bulb Balance
  • Noodling Around
  • Ball Cap
  • Bouncer(10 needed, solo)
  • Tipsy
  • Bottle Neckin'
  • Paddle Poppers
  • Movin' On Up
  • Ponginator(Head-to-Head)
  • Ping Tac Toe(Head-to-Head)
  • Stack Attack
  • Temper Tantrum(Endurance)
  • Dangerous Curves

Last Man Standing Challenges[]

  • Hanky Panky(Level 1)
  • Bobblehead(Level 2, Surivival as the player with the least amount of clicks is eliminated)
  • Temper Tantrum(Level 2, Surivival as the player with the least amount of clicks is eliminated)
  • Face The Cookie(Level 3)
  • Sticky Situation(Level 3)
  • Go The Distance(Level 4)
  • Rapid Fire(Level 4)
  • Spoon Frog(Level 5)
  • Johnny Applestack(Level 5)
  • Stack Attack(Level 6)
  • Tipsy(Level 6)
  • CD Dominoes(Level 7)
  • Worm Diving(Level 7)
  • Bulb Balance(Level 8)
  • Paper Dragon(Level 8)
  • Ping Tac Toe(Level 9, Head-to-Head version)
  • Supercoin(Level 10)

Lost Games[]

5 challenges that never got the green light to start being used.

  1. Spin Cycle
  2. Schnozzola
  3. Tong Tied
  4. Get To The Point
  5. Super Hero

Note: There is another lost game involving party hats. The game was apparently switched out. It can be viewed here. It is apparently a level 5 challenge.

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To see more Minute to Win It(GSN), watch Game Show Central.


The show was once accused of being similar to another stunt & dare show The Cube.

The GSN run retained nearly all the elements of the NBC run, barring the theme song, reduced money amounts, host, and the fact it now taped in New York City, NY as well as the fact that teams play from now on.

The NBC run had a few special NFL themed shows as well as 3 Christmas themed episodes.

Apolo Anton Ohno's catchphrase "You got a minute to Win It! Every…Second…Counts!" is a reference to the short-lived 1984-1985 Bill Rafferty hosted syndicated game show of the same name.

This was the second short-lived revival for GSN that was based on a former NBC primetime game show, the first was 1 vs. 100 hosted by Carrie Ann Inaba from 2010 until 2011.

Sometimes the contestant is given an option before a challenge beigns if they would like the audience to cheer or just clap quietly, or even can choose for silence. However, this is either rarely an option or sometimes the decision the contestant makes is cut out from the show.

Set Pics[]

NBC Version[]

GSN Version[]


May be rated TV-PG L on rare occasions for some minor coarse language.

72px-TV-PG icon svg.png


"Get Up" by Eve Nelson (NBC)

"Pop Fiction" by Come On, Come On(Level Complete theme for GSN)

"U Can't Stop Me" courtesy of Audio Network(Level Complete theme for GSN)

"Going For Gold" courtesy of Audio Network(GSN)

"It's Like Summer"(NBC Midway-Season 2 theme)

"Lattice of Thorns"(Videohelper Album 36)

"Millions Of Me"(Videohelper)


Minuto Para Ganar - Spanish version airing on MundoFox in 2012 and now revived in 2020-2021.

International Versions[]

Here is a list of countries that have Minute to Win It in their countries:

Country Title Host Network Top Prize First Airdate
Albania Kape Kohën Gentian Hazizaj Top Channel Unknown October 7, 2012

Arab World[2]

للزمن ثمن
lezaman Thaman
Abdallah El Tuleihi MBC 1 SR1,000,000 April 5, 2011


Minuto para ganar Marley Telefe AR$1,000,000 July 17, 2011


Հաղթեք Րոպեում
Haxteq Ropeum
TBA Armenia TV ֏10,000,000 May 27, 2012


Minute to Win It Darren McMullen Seven Network A$1,000,000 June 22, 2010
Belgium Binnen De Minuut (Dutch)[6] Staf Coppens vtm €100,000 January 8, 2011

60 secondes chrono (French)[7]

Jean-Michel Zecca RTL TVI €100,000 September 5, 2011


Nada Além de um Minuto[9]

Silvio Santos SBT R$1,000,000 April 17, 2010


Un minuto para ganar Julián Elfenbein TVN CL$30.000.000 May 21, 2011
China 步步惊心
Minute To Win It China
TBA Dragon TV Unknown 2013


Un minuto para ganar Silvestre Dangond Caracol TV CO$300.000.000 November 1, 2010

Costa Rica[12]

Minuto Para Ganar Mauricio Astorga Teletica ₡25,000,000.00 March 8, 2011

Czech Republic[13]

Máš minutu Richard Genzer & Michal Suchánek TV Prima Kč 1,000,000 April 10, 2011


Det perfekte minut Robert Hansen TV3 250,000Kr August 17, 2011


Minuto Para Ganar Yuly Maiocchi Gama TV US$50,000 August 7, 2011


Minuuttipeliä Marko Keränen MTV3 €30,000 March 21, 2011


60 secondes chrono Alex Goude M6 €100,000 July 12, 2012


Die perfekte Minute Ulla Kock am Brink Sat.1 €250,000 April 30, 2010


Minute to Win It Dimitris Hungarezos Mega TV €50,000 March 3, 2012
Hong Kong 決戰一分鐘
Minute to Win It

Hacken Lee TVB HK$1,000,000 November 25, 2012


1 perc és nyersz! Sebestyén Balázs RTL Klub 10,000,000 Ft February 27, 2012

India's Minute To Win It (Hindi)[21]

Gaurav Kapoor AXN ₹10 Crore January 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home (Tamil)[22]

Divyadarshini (D.D) and Deepak STAR Vijay A home worth ₹2 Crore[23] March 4, 2011[23]


אליפות ישראל בדקה
Alifut Israel be Dakah
Ido Rosenblum Channel 2 (Keshet) ₪1,000,000 October 26, 2011


Un Minuto per Vincere Max Giusti (Season 1) Rai Uno €500,000 September 4, 2011
Nicola Savino (Season 2) Rai Due November 22, 2012


Минута на победу
Minuta na pobedu
Rinat Safargulov NTK ₸1,000,000 May 19, 2012

Anda Ada 60 Saat[27] (Malay)

Ahmad Nabil Astro Warna – New Episode
Astro Ria – Repeat
RM500,000 December 25, 2010
Oru nimiṭam (Tamil) Anandha Astro Vaanavil RM500,000 December 2010


Un minuto para ganar Penélope Menchaca Televisa TBA 2012


Minute to Win It Gordon Heuckeroth RTL 4 €100,000 January 8, 2011


Vinn på minuttet Carsten Skjelbreid TV2 1,000,000Kr March 20, 2011


Minuto para ganar Johanna San Miguel (Season 1) América Televisión S/.100,000 January 15, 2011
Magdyel Ugaz (Season 2)
Philippines Minute to Win It Luis Manzano ABS-CBN ₱1,000,000 January 14, 2013


Milion w minutę Marcin Prokop TVN 1,000,000 zł September 5, 2011


Ganha num Minuto Marco Horácio SIC €20,000 January 8, 2012


Câștigi în 60 de secunde Dan Negru Antena 1 50,000Lei April 5, 2011


Минутное дело
Minutnoe delo
Timur Rodrigez Russia 1 1,000,000руб November 17, 2012


Savršen minut Srđan Karanović Prva дин1,000,000 March 17, 2012


Minuta do zmage Bojan Emeršič POP TV €100,000 March 18, 2011

South Korea[38]

사소한 도전 60초
Sasohan Dojeon 60-cho
Oh Sang-jin (오상진) MBC ₩20,000,000 June 12, 2011


Uno para ganar Jesús Vázquez Cuatro €500,000 July 4, 2011

Sri Lanka[40]

Home Game in 60 second Niroshan Wijesinghe Sirasa TV Rs.1.000.000 October 26, 2010


Minuten Peter Settman (Season 1) SVT 250,000kr December 26, 2010
Malin Olsson (Season 2) February 24, 2012


Kazanmak için 1 Dakika Ertem Şener (Season 1) Kanal D ₺500,000 January 6, 2012
Zuhal Topal (Season 2) November 20, 2012
United Kingdom Minute to Win It Darren McMullen ITV2 £30,000 August 30, 2011
United States Minute to Win It (English) Guy Fieri NBC US$1,000,000 March 14, 2010
Minute to Win It (English) Apolo Anton Ohno GSN US$250,000 June 25, 2013
Minuto para ganar (Spanish) Marco Antonio Regil MundoFox US$100,000 August 13, 2012
Ukraine Хвилина для перемоги
Chvylyna dlya peremogy
Maksim Averin Ukrayina ₴500,000 October 16, 2011


Minuto para ganar Álvaro Navia
Eunice Castro
Juanchi Hounie
Teledoce UY$250,000 September 5, 2010


Un Minuto para ganar Nelson Bustamante Televen Bs.100,000 July 12, 2012
Vietnam Một phút để chiến thắng Nguyen Vu HTV7 1,000,000,000₫ May 27, 2012

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