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Broadcast (Food Network)
Money Hungry 2021.png
Sneak Preview: August 8, 2021
Series: 8/10/2021-present
Good Egg Entertainment

This version of Money Hungry tests the taste buds of everyday American, recipe developers and chefs in a high-stakes culinary competition.


The competitors must prove they super tasting abilities combined with extensive food knowledge to compete in a series of increasingly difficult global taste tests. If they can trust their tasting skills and answer 15 culinary questions correctly, they get to walk away with $50,000.


The player is introduced, as are the two "expert chefs" of the day (taken from a group of six regular panelists/chefs), one of whom will be tasting along with the contestant and may wind up assisting them (see below).

Each player starts with a "rapid-fire" speed round of five dishes/questions. All five dishes sit on a "lazy Susan"-style podium where host Penn and player stand for the game. Each dish is hidden under its' own cloche. When the host lifts the cloche on the first dish, a 60-second timer starts. The player must correctly answer these first five questions correctly before the time expires. As the player answers the dish's question, it is rotated away and the next dish/question revealed. If the player is successful, they continue playing. If they get one question wrong, or if time runs out before they complete these first five questions, the game is over and the player leaves with nothing.

If the player proceeds to play, they are presented with ten more cloches, each with its own category assigned for its dish/question. (EXAMPLE: HAIR APPARENT--What flavor is a wig made of cotton candy?) Each category is increasingly difficult. Each dish is brought to the podium by the server, Bruce. Once the given cloche is revealed, the host asks the related question. As before, the player must correctly answer the question to continue playing. One incorrect response ends the game and sends the player home with nothing.

Some questions are multi-part (such as identifying a lager from an IPA or three different flavors of olive oil), while others are "blind tasting" challenges, which have the player and the "play-along" chef donning blackout-style wrap-around sunglasses as a blindfold before the dish is revealed. (In these cases, the visual appearance of the dish would give away the answer.)

If the player gets stuck on a question, they have two "Flavor Favors" (aka "Lifelines") they can use. "Ask-a-Chef" lets the player ask the "play-along" chef for their opinion as to what the answer to the question is. The player can then go with the chef's answer or continue on their own accord. "Send It Back" lets the player pass on the dish/question and get a new category/dish/question of the same difficulty level. In addition, the player has a set of palate cleansers to use as needed--water, oyster crackers and lemon sorbet.

Once the player has correctly answered 10 questions (the 5 from the "rapid-fire" round and five of the individual categories), the host will make a "buy-out" offer of $5,000 to them. The player can elect to take the $5,000 and end the game, or reject the buy-out and continue playing, with the risk that they could still go home empty-handed.

If the player can reach the final "Golden Cloche" and correctly answer its question, they win $50,000.

NOTE: Games can "straddle", with an incomplete game-in-progress being completed on the next episode. If this happens, the player continues with two new "expert chefs" in their following episode.


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