Murder Will Out was a murder mystery radio quiz show.


NBC Radio (Weekly): 1/30/1945 – 6/25/1946


Edmund MacDonald as "Inspector Burke" (Early Broadcasts)
William Gargan as "Inspector Burke" (Later Broadcasts)
Eddie Marr as "Detective Nolan"


Larry Keating


The mystery formula on this show was similar to the Ellery Queen series. Each show contained a dramatized mystery, followed by guesses from the audience as to the identity of the killer. Unlike Queen, there were no trick clues. The stories unfolded in chronological order, with the clues considered in that order. Two men and two women were drawn from the audience. Awards of $5 in war stamps were given for each correct answer, and winners who correctly guessed the killer and the clue won a $50 war bond and a Gold Detective Certificate, framed for display.

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