Ed Daniels
Isis Casanova
Tommy Tucker
N.O. it Alls
WGNO-TV: 7/10/1993 - 3/16/1996

N.O. it Alls was a local quiz show from the state of Louisiana for the New Orleans area.


The show featured multiple choice trivia questions based on New Orleans topic.

Topic titles began with the letters W, G, N and O and sometimes use filmed questioners at locations around town. The top contestant on each show had a chance at a championship round by answering four questions, each question starting with the letters W, G, N and O within a brief period of time. Winners could go on to another show. However, the winners of three shows could compete in a championship show against other three-time winners. There were cash prizes and the winners of the show received a cruise.


"N.O. It Alls" The quiz show battle of New Orleans

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Full Episode (from 1994)
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