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PBS: October 16, 1984 & October 8, 1985

Tonight from the studios of WGBH Boston, NOVA presents The National Science Test! And here's our master of ceremonies for tonight's test, the distinguished host of the intellectual quiz shows Jeopardy! and College Bowl, MR. ART FLEMING!

National Science Test was a special aired during the 12th & 13th seasons of the popular science show Nova. This show featured a panel being quizzed by the host on topics seen from past Nova shows.


Four celebrity guests were asked a series of science-based questions from a test that an audience of 100 people took before the show. Each question came from one of the following categories:

  • Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • History and Personality
  • Physical Sciences
  • Wildlife

Each question had four possible answers labled A, B, C, and D. Each panelist would make their choice by holding a card representing their answer. Each correct answer was worth one point except for one question, whose answer was revealed at the end of the show.

Mystery Scientist[]

Every five questions, a clue to this scientist was given to the panelists. After fifteen questions (three for each category), the panel would reveal their final guesses. A correct answer to this question was worth three points.

The panelist with the most points won the game and a plaque. In addition, that panelist was invited to return the following year and compete in another National Science Test.


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Opening Cue: "Think!" (from Jeopardy!) - Gene Mackles

Closing Theme - Gene Mackles


A spinoff of the science television series Nova by Michael Abrosino

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