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VH1 (Weekly): 3/11/2002 - 4/1/2002

Never Mind the Buzzcocks was a short-lived panel game based on the British show of the same name with a rock music theme. This version only lasted a month.


Two teams, each made of two celebrity guests and one regular team captain, competed in a variety of games that take a very obvious backseat to comedy (or attempts thereof).

Round 1

The teams were shown clips of music videos, and scored two points if they knew what happens next after the clip ends.

Round 2

Two members of the team would vocalize the instrumental track to a given song, with the third trying to guess the song for another two points.

Round 3

Each team attempted to pick an artist or actor from a classic music video from a lineup of five people on-stage (two points each).

Final Round

The host would music lyrics; and teams scored earn 1 point every time they could give the next lyric. After each team had played for 60 seconds, the highest-scoring team was declared the winner and given a formerly-celebrity-owned item (or at least, so they say).


Based on the British show of the same name.


The show's title is a play on words of the Sex Pistols album Never Mind the Bollocks and the British new wave group Buzzcocks (themselves named for a catchphrase in the musical drama series Rock Follies).

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