GAS Gamefarm

Robot Announcer: Attention! You are now being connected to the GAS Game Farm! This is an online multi-player gaming inquirement! Feeding of the animals is strictly prohibited! For your own safety, please keep your hands on the controller at all times! A general feeling of amusement to be thought throughout the program! Should you experience any nausea or white headedness, please consult a physician. Your Game Farm experience starts now!

MAX OR ANN: Hey gamers, welcome to Game Farm! I'm Max/Ann, and this is my co-host Max Darwin/Ann Hu!

Nickelodeon GAS Gamefarm was a children's game show on Nick GAS where contestants would participate in obstacle games and play online video games where they have to play against "The Gaminator", a man dressed in a motorcycling uniform with a black helmet. The show was taped at Nickelodeon Studios. This show also gave an inside look at video games, tips on video gaming systems with the games, and news about the video game world.


Nick GAS 2003


Max Darwin
Ann Hu


Robot Announcer (Voiced by Emma Wilson)


Jay Schmalholz & Marcus Wagner

Additional FactsEdit

  • Daryl Sabara, who plays Juni in the Spy Kids movie series, was a celebrity contestant on the very first episode.
  • Ann Hu is most famous for doing commercials, acting roles, and voiceover roles other than being the host with Darwin.
  • Nickelodeon GAS Gamefarm was also an arcade game show in Nick's game show library with Nickelodeon Arcade.


"Gaminator, are you ready?" - Ann

"Let the video game begin!" - Max

"Attention gamers! It is now time to press start! In 3, 2, 1! GO!" - Robot Announcer


"That's it for Game Farm this week gamers! Until next time, may your play always be extended and thumbs never be too sore! Later gamers!"- Max and Ann

"The Nick GAS Game Farm is now over. Goodbye!" - Robot Announcer

"Game Farm was recorded at Nickelodeon Studios in Universal Studios Florida!" - Robot Announcer

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Series Premiere
Second Episode