Sonny Fox
Johnny Olson
ABC Saturday Morning: 9/23/1961 – 12/16/1961
Sonny Fox Productions

On Your Mark was a short-lived Saturday-morning quizzer for kids based on the contestant's career potential.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Three children, aged 9 to 13, competed on this weekly series. The kids competed in a series of question and answer rounds, based on the contestant's career potential, for a chance to win a grand prize relating to that career potential. For example, on the premiere, kids who wanted to be astronauts were tested on the areas of concentration, coordination, and the ability to command for a grand prize of a trip to Cape Canaveral.

Rating[edit | edit source]

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Studio[edit | edit source]

TV-1, ABC Television Center, New York City, NY

YouTube Links[edit | edit source]

Brief clip of an episode (Renee/Joan/Ellen, all of whom want to be a stewardess)

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