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Bud Collyer (DuMont)
John Reed King & Kathy Godfrey (ABC)
Walter Raney
Don Morrow
DuMont Primetime: 9/9/1953 – 1/20/1954
ABC Primetime: 1/23/1954 – 4/17/1954
Lawrence White Productions

"Welch's, the greatest name in products of the grape. Makers of Welch's Family Wine presents ON YOUR WAY! And here's the man who will help you on your way, your friend at home, Bud Collyer!"

On Your Way was a quiz show and later a talent show.


In this quiz show the contestants, which consisted of pairs, had the chance to win a trip to any part of the United States (thus sending them "on their way", hence the name of the show). The more questions they won, the further they would get to travel on bus. For example, in one episode a contestant and her partner/friend stated that they would like to travel to Austin, Texas so that they could improve their education. Occasionally, the full prize would be given to the contestants even if they didn't win, if it was decided that they had a sad enough story.

At the end of each episode, the winning couples would get a chance to fly to their destination on an airplane, then a luxury to most people.

On February 6, 1954, the format was changed to a talent contest with unknowns competing for cash prizes and nitery contracts. Godfrey interviewed four aspiring young performers who then competed in a talent contest. This format was meant to send winners "on their way" into show business. Sadly, almost none of them gained fame of any sort, although one contestant, a guitarist named Charlie Gracie (who was 16 years old at the time), became a rock and roll legend in the late 1950s.

Taping Location[]

New York City, NY


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