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BET (Weekly): October 2001 to February 2002

On the Beat was a short-lived music quiz show with a "hip-hop" attitude that aired on BET in 2001, where contestants answered questions about music, sports and pop culture.


Main Game[]

Three contestants competed in this game of hip-hop trivia.

Round 1[]

In the first round, each player was asked four 10-point questions. Correct answers awarded those points; if they were wrong, the next player in line could answer the same question correctly for 5 points.

The two top scorers advanced to round two and the third place player was eliminated.

Round 2[]

The second round was a buzz-in round worth 20 points per question.

Whoever was ahead at the end of the round went on to answer a bonus question for a trip.

Bonus Question[]

The day's winner's job was to give all the correct answers to a multi-part question in 40 seconds or less, without giving three wrong answers.

Success in this round won the trip.


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