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J.D. Roth
ABC: 9/23/2008 - 10/14/2008
3 Ball Productions
Katalyst Productions

Opportunity Knocks was a short-lived primetime family quizzer where the game took place around a family's home, and the contestants were the family themselves.


At the beginning of each episode, a family is surprised by the ABC crew knocking on their door and telling them they have been selected to be on the show. Each of the four family member contestants gets asked a series of four questions worth in order: $2,500; $5,000; $7,500 and $10,000. Getting all four correct (or at some points in the game, for a portion of their winnings, similar to Let's Make a Deal's Sure Thing) wins the family member a prize package (usually having to do with the family member's interests) In addition to all the money won. Incorrect answers do not deduct from the score, but unless the family member decided to buy the prize beforehand, they forfeit the additional prize if the family member answers and question incorrectly.

Some questions maybe tasks, such as finding a diary. Some questions involve identifying the real thing out of a group of fakes, such as picking out a bedspread out of 15 or identifying which picture a non-playing family member drew and throwing the fakes into the shredder. Other questions are just trivia questions about the family member, such as which of the four girls a family member has a crush on or about their interests such as identifying Nick from the Jonas Brothers. Many other questions include choosing which cookies the player's mother made and remembering the time the clock the father made in school is stopped on.

In the final round, one member of the family that were chosen by the family, tries to match the answers the other family members give to questions about themselves. The chosen contestant can try to double the family's cash winnings without rick by correctly matching two answers or to risk the family's cash (but not prizes) for the chance at the grand prize of $250,000 by matching all three. The contestant must make his or her choice before hearing the question is asked. If the contestant chooses two matches, then he or she must decided which two to match; If either of those two answers is wrong, the contestant does not get a third chance. If either of the three answers are wrong, the game is over and the contestant walked away without any money, but all prizes that are not cash are kept.

Brazilian Version[]

A Brazilian version of Opportunity Knocks as Gugu bate em sua porta (Gugu Bate/Knocks on Your Door) hosted by Gugu/Augusto Liberato aired on Rede Record in 2009.


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