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Title Genre
P. Diddy's StarMaker Reality (Music)
The Pack Animals
Paging the Judge Radio
Paid Off with Michael Torpey Quiz, General Knowledge
Pandemonium Bizarre
Panic Button Reality
Pants-Off Dance-Off Reality (Dance)
Paradise Hotel Reality
Paradise Run Childrens
Paranoia Quiz, Stunts & Dares
Paranormal Challenge Reality
Parejo Doble y Triple Regional (Puerto Rico)
The Parent Game Relationships
Parental Control Dating
Paris Hilton's My New BFF Reality
Parlay Pilot
The Partner Reality
Party Line (1) Quiz, General Knowledge
Party Line (2) Puzzle, Word Association
Party Monsters Cabo Reality
Pass or Play Regional (Ohio)
Pass the Buck Quiz, General Knowledge
Pass the Line Panel Game
Pass Time Stunts & Dares
Pass/Fail Quiz, General Knowledge
Password Puzzle, Word Association
Password Plus Puzzle, Word Association
Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club
Pawn Games Quiz, General Knowledge
Pawnography Quiz, General Knowledge
Pay Cards! Cards
Pay it Off Puzzle, Trivia
Payroll Party Radio
PDQ Puzzle (Celebrities)
Peer Pressure Childrens
Penn & Teller: Fool Us Variety
Penn Jillette's Street Cred Reality
The Pennsylvania Game Quiz, General Knowledge, Regional (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Lottery 25th Anniversary Game Show Lottery, Regional (Pennsylvania)
Penny to a Million Big Prize
People are Funny Stunt & Dares
People Puzzler Celebrities, Puzzle, Quiz, Themed (Celebrities), Puzzle (Celebrities)
People on TV Quiz, Themed (Celebrities)
People Will Talk Discussion
The People's Rally Radio
Pepsi's Play for a Billion Big Prize
Perception! Pilot
Perfect Match (1967) Dating
Perfect Match (1986) Dating
Perfect Match (1991) Pilot
Perfect Match (1994) Sports, Memory
Perfect Score Dating
A Perfect Score Dating
Perfect Strangers Pilot
Performing as... Variety
Personality Celebrities
Personality Puzzle Celebrities, Puzzle
Personals Dating
Pet Star Variety
Phenomenon Variety
Philly Pheud Surveys, Regional (Pennsylvania)
The Phone Reality
Photo Finish Observation
Phrase It Pilot
The Phrase That Pays Radio
Pick a Date Radio
Pick Your Brain Childrens
Picked Off Reality
The Pickup Artist Dating
Pictionary Drawing, Board Game Conversion
Picture This Drawing
Pictureka! Observation, Family Game, Board Game Conversion
Piedmont Quiz Bowl Quiz, Academic, Regional (South Carolina)
Pillsbury Bake Off Cooking
The Pilsbury House Party Radio, Variety
Pin Money Party Radio
Pindemonium Bowling, Relationship
P.I.P.E.S. Reality
Pirate Master Reality
The Pitch Reality
Pitfall Trivia
Place the Face Trivia, Panel
The Planet's Funniest Animals Comedy
Platinum Hit Reality (Music)
Play Broadcast Radio
Play for Keeps Quiz, General Knowledge
Play It By Ear
Play It with Music Music
Play the Action Pilot
Play the Game Stunts & Dares
Play the Percentages Trivia
Play Your Hunch Trivia
Play2Win Interactive
Playboy Shootout Reality
Playboy's Love & Sex Test Surveys
The Player Dating
Playing it Straight Reality
PlayMania Interactive
The Plot Thickens Mystery
Pocket Money Quiz, Themed (Sports), Regional (Massachusetts)
Poker After Dark Poker
Poker Royale Poker Caribbean Adventure/PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Poker
Political Idiotest Spinoff
Pontoon Payday Reality
Pooch Perfect Reality
The Pop Game Reality (Music)
Pop Quiz Hotshot Quiz, Themed (Nostalgia)
The Pop 'N' Rocker Game Music
Popstars Reality (Music)
Popularity Contest Reality
Pot Luck Pilot
Pot O' Gold (1) Radio
Pot O' Gold (2) Quiz, Themed (Popular Culture)
Pot of Gold Pilot
Power of 10 Survey, Trivia
Powerball Instant Millionaire Lottery
Powerball: The Game Show Lottery
Press Your Luck (1) Gambling, Pilot
Press Your Luck (2) Gambling
Pressure 1 Childrens
Pressure 2 Childrens
Pressure Cooker! Quiz, Themed (Food)
Pressure Point Quiz, General Knowledge
Pretty Wicked Reality
The Price is Right Lifestyle
Price It Out Reality
Price This Place Reality
Pro-Fan Sport
Professor Quiz Radio
Professor Yes 'n' No
Project Accessory
Project Runway Reality
Project Runway: All-Star Challenge
Project Runway: All-Stars
Project Runway: Fashion Startup
Project Runway Junior
Project Runway Latin America
Project Runway: Threads
The Proposal Reality
Pros Vs. Joes Sports
Public Prosecutor Observation
Pumped! Quiz, General Knowledge
Punch Lines Trivia
Punchline (1) Panel Game
Punchline (2) Comedy
Pure Insanity! Special
Pussycat Dolls Present Reality (Music)
Put Up or Shut Up Radio
Puttin' on the Hits Variety
Puttin' on the Kids Variety, Childrens
The Puzzle Game Puzzle
Puzzle Roulette Puzzle
Puzzlers Puzzle
Pyramid Puzzle, Word Association
Pyramid Rocks Music, Puzzle, Word Association
The Pyramid Puzzle, Word Association