Larry Blyden
Jack Clark
Bill Wendell
Pilot: Early 1967
NBC Daytime: 7/3/1967 – 9/26/1969
Bob Stewart Productions
Filmways Television

"Today (insert celebrities) play Personality with our special guest star (insert special guest star). And now, here's your host, Larry Blyden!"

Personality was a short-lived daytime game show where three celebrities try to predict how much they know about other celebrities.


A panel of three celebrities, each playing for a member of the studio audience or home viewer, tried to predict how other celebrities answered a series of questions asked in pre-recorded interviews.

Round 1Edit

In the first round two of the panelists were given three possible responses for each question asked to the third and after they chose, the correct answer was shown.

Round 2Edit

In the second round, the celebrity panelists had to guess how a group of people responded to questions related to one of them.

Round 3Edit

In the third round, the celebrity panelists had to guess how a different celebrity answered questions.

Each correct answer was worth $25 for the person they were playing for, and the top-scoring celebrity of the day won a vacation for his/her partner.


A Board Game called Personality Game was released by Milton Bradley in 1968.


1st Main - Herb Alpert
2nd Main - Bob Colbert (later used as the theme to Three on a Match)


NBC Studio 6A, New York City, NY

Episode statusEdit

The series is believed to be wiped. The only episodes known to exist are #437 from March 4, 1969, #541 from July 28, and #542 from July 29. Game Show Network has aired #542, and it is also available through private collectors as a studio master.


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YouTube LinksEdit

A full episode from July 28, 1969 (Jack Cassidy, Joan Rivers, Flip Wilson; Special Guest: Don Rickles)
Part 1
Part 2

A full episode from July 29, 1969 (Jack Cassidy, Joan Rivers, Flip Wilson; Special Guest: Shirley Jones)

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