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WPHL-TV: 5/5/2013-present
CCI Communications, Inc.

Philly Pheud is a localized version Family Feud in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that's played a little differently.


Two teams of four players each (one playing red, the other playing blue) competed on this show.

The First Four Rounds[]

Like regular Feud the round starts with a Face-Off. What's different about this Feud from the familiar Feud is that all questions have a list of the top seven answers (later five) given by the people who were polled and they are all worth 10 points each. The first player to buzz-in with one of those answers scored the points and keeps control; that means that the player can continue giving answers until he/she misses one, at which point the opponent across got control. If that player misses, the next two players came up starting with the player whose team got control first. The process went on until all the answers are revealed or until everybody took a shot.

Miller Lite-ning Round[]

In the Miller Lite-ning Round, the final round, the team whose trailing designated a captain. The designated captain is given a list of 10 items associated with Philadelphia and described each one to convey to his/her partners. The captain can pass if he/she is stuck and can go back to the answers passed if time permits. Each correct answer is worth 20 points. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins the game and receives the Miller Lite Price Packs and Chickie's & Pete's gift cards.


Chickie's & Pete's
Miller Lite
Play2 Interactive Sports Bar


Elements of game based on Family Feud by Mark Goodson & Bill Todman


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