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Graham Elwood
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Unsold Pilot for GSN: 2000
Bogorad/Wyler Productions

This was the third attempt of turn the drawing board game Pictionary into a TV game show.


Two teams of four players, each of whom were given names by Elwood based on what they wear, their feelings, their hobbies, etc. compete in a drawing game based on the board game.

Rounds 1 & 2[]

Each player takes a turn drawing a word or phrase on a telestrator. Each is given a clue and then the word (which answers the clue) to draw. The partners of the drawer have 30 seconds to guess the word and win money for the team.

The first round is worth $100/answer with the first two players of each team drawing and the second round is worth $200/answer with the last two players of each team drawing.

Round 3: Drawing Showdown[]

Two players (one from each team standing across from each other) are shown a clue and then a phrase which answers the clue. Then the controlling players will bid against each other as to how fast it could take them to draw it with a maximum of 60 seconds. They'll go back and forth until one player forces the other to draw it. Once a player is challenged, that player has the time he/she bid to draw the phrase. If the partners guess the phrase in time, they win the money; but if they can't, the opposing team has 15 seconds to draw that same phrase and steal the money. Prior to his/her 15 seconds of drawing, the stealing drawer has a choice of keeping the current drawing and building on it or start a new one. Dollar values increase throughout the round, with the first phrase being worth $200 and each phrase is worth that much more than the previous.

The team with the most money at the end of the round wins the game and goes on to play for $5,000.

Bonus Round[]

In the bonus round, the winning team nominates one member of their team to draw for that round. The drawer is given a category, then has two minutes to draw up to seven answers that fit into the category. If the drawer fears that his/her partners are stumped and can't get it, he/she can pass and move on to the next, but he/she can pass no more than twice. If the team can get five out of seven right, they win $5,000.


Based on the board game of the same name by Angel Games, now Mattel & Hasbro.


Three years later Graham Elwood would go on host Cram for GSN.


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1989 version
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