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Bob Goen
Rod Roddy
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July 22, 1984
Jay Wolpert Productions
Metromedia Video Productions Inc.

"Before our show, John Krump, Alysen Vine and Tim Bakker each took a different test made up of 30 questions. What they have in their hands now are 12 of the questions they got right because those are the only questions they can use to stump their opponents while they make their way to the PIE IN THE SKY! (Shine SFX) And here's the host of Pie in the Sky, Bob Goen!"

Pie in the Sky was an unsold game show pilot where three contestants use questions they got right in order to stump their opponents.


Main Game[]

Before the game, each player was given a test of 30 questions. They would then select 12 correctly answered questions to take into the game. Starting with the returning champion, a player would select an opponent, then bet between 1-3 "slices" as to whether the opponent couldn't answer the question. Each question is similar to a "blooper" from Whew! (another creation by Jay Wolpert), a statement with the last word changed to make it humorous. If the opponent can answer the question correctly, they claim the "slices"; if not, the questioner does. Who ever claims the "slices" can either ask pick an opponent for a question or spin their "pie", a 12-spaced wheel which lights up red "slices" to indicate those earned. If they spin and land on a black "slice", they lose two red "slices" and both opponents earn a red "slice". However, if they land on an red "slice", they win the round. A player can also win the round completing his/her pie. The winner of the round won $100.

The first to win two rounds wins the game. If there's a tie, the player who didn't win a round was eliminated and a third round was played by the two winners. In round three, Bob asks the questions, with a correct answer earning the player four "slices" and the right to spin. If they spin and hit a black "slice", they lose two red "slices" to their opponent. The first to land on a red "slice" wins the game. The winner of the game won a total of $200 and a chance to play the bonus round.

Bonus Round[]

The winner is faced with a larger pie of 12 "slices". Eight of them contain prizes and cash amounts of $500, $1000, $1500, and $2500, two of each amount for a total of $11,000. Those "slices" range in size from biggest ($500 and the lowest valued prizes) to smallest ($2500 and the biggest prizes). There are also three small black "slices" and a small gold "slice". After every spin, a prize "slice" turns black; landing on a black "slice" loses the money, but prizes are kept regardless. The player can stop and keep their winnings, but if they land on the gold "slice", they win an additional $50,000.



Theme - "Rock That" by Earth, Wind and Fire
Prize Music - "In The Stone" by Earth, Wind and Fire


Rod Roddy was also the announcer for Whew! which was also created by Jay Wolpert.
The pilot was uploaded by Wink Martindale on January 4, 2022 due to the death of Jay Wolpert.

See Also[]

(Celebrity) Whew! - a short-lived daytime game show (created by Jay Wolpert) that also featured trivia "bloopers" airing on CBS from 1979 until 1980.

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