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Sonny Fox
Bern Bennett
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Unsold Pilots for CBS Daytime: 11/18/1955
Goodson-Todman Productions

(Bell SFX) BENNETT: "That's the champion's bell. And this is our current champion, (insert contestant). (insert contestant), how long have you been on our program?" CONTESTANT: "This is my (insert number) day." BENNETT: "And how much have you already won?" CONTESTANT: "(insert amount)." BENNETT: "Well, as long as you keep on winning, you can keep on playing on… PLAY FOR KEEPS! Yes, it's Play For Keeps!, where big decisions play for big money every day of the week. And here's your host, Sonny Fox!"

Play for Keeps! was an unsold big-money revival of Winner Take All.


Two contestants used lockout devices, one denoted by a bell and the other by a buzzer, to answer questions. The champion wagered all or part of their current winnings and chose from one of ten categories. The game ended once a player gave three correct answers.

If the champion won, he/she won money from the house equal to their wager. If the challenger won, he/she received the amount of the wager, which was then deducted from the old champion's total.


Pilot #2 aired as part of Buzzr's "Lost & Found" week on September 7, 2015 and again on September 13, 2017. A copy is also held by the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

On at least Pilot #2, the bell on the wall behind Sonny has "SPONSOR" on it in white.

On at least Pilot #2, one of the category choices is "World Capitols" (rather than "World Capitals").


Play For Keeps! at The Game Show Pilot Light (the given information, while not particularly specific, would appear to match with Pilot #2)

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