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Dr. Harvey Zorbaugh (WNBT/1946)
Irene Wicker & Joe O'Brien (1948)
WNBT Primetime: 8/7/1941 – unknown
DuMont Primetime: 9/24/1946 – 12/17/1946
ABC Primetime: 8/20/1948 – 11/6/1948
NBC (1941–unknown)
ABC (1946/1948)

Play the Game (aka Let's Play the Game) was one of the earliest TV game shows.


One of the first continuing game shows in television, this charades game was produced by ABC in 1946 but was broadcast on the two-station DuMont network (New York, Washington D.C.). Originally hosted by Dr. Harvey Zorbaugh, a professor of Educational Sociology at New York University, the show featured guest stars pantomiming well-known names and phrases for home viewers to guess. Viewers called the studio with their answers and if correct, they won money.

Taping Locations[]

Schenectady, NY (1946)
New York City, NY (1948)

Other versions[]

A British version (albeit as a pure panel game) aired on BBC-tv from 4 August 1947 to sometime in 1950, and was later adapted for children from 1951 to 1952. Hosts of this version included Cleland Finn, Sally Rogers, and Robert MacDermot.


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