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Unsold Pilot for NBC(?): 1977
Von Feldt/Paylow Productions

"Today, one of our contestants will have a chance to win $50,000 on the new game of fun and big cash prizes. From Hollywood, motion picture and TV capital of the world, let's test out memories on Pot O' Gold! And now, here's your host, Art James!"

Pot O' Gold was an odd unsold game show pilot about movie and TV trivia with an even odder board. (Keep in mind this should not be confused with the 1981 pilot called Pot of Gold)

Main Game[]

Two contestants played; one a returning champion, the other the challenger. To start the game, a marble was dropped down the pyramid-shaped game board. The game board was divided into two sides, television and movies. Each side of the board had slots ranging from $100-$500, with a $50,000 Pot of Gold slot on both ends of the pyramid. Regardless of where the marble lands, the contestant was then given a question sometimes with a visual or audio clue. A correct answer to the questions scored the amount landed on; but an incorrect answer gave the opponent a chance to steal for half price. And of course, answering a question on one of the $50,000 slots, won the contestant the $50,000, which does not count as score money. The first player to score $500 or more wins the game.

Players must take an equal number of turns, with the challenger going first each round, and the champion going second. If the challenger reached $500 first, the champion must take one final turn in an attempt to catch up. And if there was a tie at $500 or more, extra rounds were played until there was a clear winner.

The winning contestant went to to play for an increasing jackpot.

Bonus Game[]

The winner was shown 10 pictures of famous movies or TV shows and must identify them in 30 seconds or less. Each one was worth $100 and getting all ten won the jackpot which went up $500 a game until won.


"Do It To It" by Doc Severinsen


Kevin Von Feldt


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Game Show Pilot Light review (note that this incorrectly states that the outermost slots are worth $5,000)

YouTube Video[]

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